Stainless Steel 24 Inch Unisex Neck Chain 3 mm Gauge for 1 Single Amulet Rounded Square Link

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High Quality Stainless Steel unisex medium-thin 3mm gauge neckchain with single pendant fixture. A light but strong 24 inch medium length neck chain to wear one single amulet. The links of the chain have a smooth rounded edge square patter, and feel very comfortable to wear against the skin. The pendant closure is designed to attach to the split ring closures of encased amulets.

The size of chain should fit the person as well as the size of the amulet/s to be worn. This chain would do very well with small to medium size amulet, and is suitable for both Men or Ladies. One single fixture is attached for one single amulet. The links of the chain are rounded square links, providing adequate strength to endure most everyday stress factors.

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