Stainless Steel Neck Chain For Amulets - Medium Gauge With Sacred Yant Nam Tao + Khom Spells - For 1-3 Amulets - 27 Inches Long

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High Quality Stainless Steel neck chain for up to Nine Amulets. Fancy interspersion of balls and bars and chain rings make this neck chain an Aesthetic compliment to the amulet which hangs from it.

Recommended for Ladies and Men who wear smaller lighter amulets, this chain will be just the right gauge to have a balanced weight distribution with amulets such as the Nang Paya, and Pim Lek Varieties of amulets such as Pra Somdej Kanaen, Pra Khun Phaen Pim Lek, Pra Sivali, Pra Upakut, and medium and small Pra Pid Ta.

This chain will support three small to medium size amulets with a fine balance, also apt for monk coins. Sacred Yantra and Ancient Khom Pali Agkhara lettering are embossed on the tubular shaped stainless steel bars, which intersperse the rings and balls of the chain.

This is a medium gauge neck chain, which is Apt for both Men or Women - a medium-long length chain for those who prefer their amulet to reside at a more concealed level, but not too low that it hangs below the chest.

On a 5 feet 10 Inch high person, this chain will rest in the indent just between the two chest muscles/breasts.

One single pendant up to our recommended maximum 3 amulets are attachable to this slim medium gauge neck-chain, but there are actually a few small rings between the bar segments which could be used to attach more smaller amulets if wished. However, we recommend a maximum of 3 amulets for a balanced weight distribution.

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