Stainless Steel Neck Chain for Amulets - Flat Chain Links + Barrels + Thick Gauge with Sacred Yant (Unalome) - for 1 to 3 amulets attachment - 20 Inches long

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High Quality Stainless Steel neck chain for up to 3 Amulets. Fancy interspersion of short and long bars with Flat Chain Links between the bar segments make this neck chain an extremely versatile item which allows arrangement of any number of amulets ranging from One to Three Amulets on one Chain.

The Sacred Yant  Unalome engravings serve to add Magical Protection and Blessings as well as offering a Very Aesthetic compliment to the amulets which hang from it.

The Unalome is a Highly Sacred Yantra in itself but is also the finishing touch to all other Yantra, and represents the Noble Ones who have attained Stream Entry, the Thrice returners, the Once Returners and the Never Returners. This is a medium thick gauge neck chain, which is Apt for Men.

This is quite a short length chain, for those who prefer their amulet to remain visible at the base of the neck. One single pendant is attachable on the central pendant attachment, and has one ring each side after the first pair of barrel segments, which can be used to attach smaller amulets if wished.

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