Stainless Steel Neck Chain for Amulets - Jumbo Gauge flat link 25 Inches long

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High Quality Stainless Steel Jumbo size neck-chain for amulets, 25 Inches length, with thick flat smooth edged links. The thick gauge links make an extremely potent but elegant and smooth looking neck chain, for those who prefer a very sturdy looking neck chain with one single amulet. Of course it is possible to attach other amulets, but this would not fit with the aesthetics of this particular neck-chain, which is more intended for a single amulet.

stainless steel neck chain for amulets

There is an art to the placement of amulets, sometimes according to cosmological heirarchy, or even to compose a particular kind of magical spell with specific aims, such as business, love affairs, gambling, convincing orations, increase popularity, or even invincibility.

Thai Buddhists have a heirarchy for the placement of amulets, with Buddha Image always taking higher place, or central place to other Deities or Images. The size of chain should fit the person as well as the size of the amulet/s to be worn.

stainless steel chain for amulets and pendants

One single fixture is attached for one single amulet. This chain would take some really heavy treatment to break, and easily provides more than adequate strength to endure all everyday stress factors.

Stainless Steel Neck Chain for Amulets - Jumbo Gauge flat link 25 Inches

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