Stainless Steel Neck Chain for Amulets - Medium Double Gauge for Ladies or Men - from 1 to 9 amulets attachable 32 Inches long

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High Quality Stainless Steel Double Ring Medium-Thick Gauge Neck Chain for up to 9 Amulets.Suitable for Ladies or for Men - a long size chain for those who prefer a strong mainframe that is however not too heavy and cumbersome, for composing up to 9 different amulets in one single magical and religious position. There is an art to the placement of amulets, sometimes according to cosmological heirarchy, or even to compose a particular kind of magical spell with specific aims, such as business, love affairs, gambling, convincing orations, increase popularity, or even invincibility.

Double Loop Chain links provide a sturdy and resistant chain, whilst remaining slim and Uncumbersome enough for Ladies to be able to wear.

With this chain, you will have a full compendium of possibilities ranging from hanging your first single amulet, up to the addition of a total of nine amulets. The story of your nine amulets, and how you came across them, and what they mean to you, will become part of the legend of your neck chain, and become an ever strengthening self reminder of the values and goals which you hold for important, and wish to devote your life to.

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