Stainless Steel Neck Chain for Amulets - interspersed oval and square shape flat link - for 1 single amulet 28 Inches long

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Long 28 Inch neck chain for single amulet. This chain is for those who prefer to wear  the amulet hidden below the neckline with a bit more room for play, such as in the case of a buttoned shirt with the top two buttons open. High Quality Stainless Steel sleek flat links in interspersed styles; double links of oval shape, interspersed with single, flat oblong shape links - a strong but elegant 28 inch long neck chain for one single amulet. This is a medium weight chain which looks heavier and more robust than its true weight, allowing for the wearing of a chain that is robust looking but does not weigh you down around the throat, for its flatness makes its weight much less than the size of the links suggest. It also doesnt stick out too much under the clothes, being flat.

There is an art to the placement of amulets, sometimes according to cosmological heirarchy, or even to compose a particular kind of magical spell with specific aims, such as business, love affairs, gambling, convincing orations, increase popularity, or even invincibility. The size of chain and height of the central amulet, should fit the person as well as the size of the amulet/s to be worn. This chain would do very well with one small or medium size amulet.

One single fixture is attached for one single amulet. The links of the chain are flat large size links, and are very elegant, they are very well bound together, and easily provide adequate strength to endure general everyday stress factors.

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