Stainless Steel Neck Chain for Amulets - thick gauge with Square Spirals & Lucky Blessing Inscription - from 1 to 5 amulets attachable 27 Inches long - price includes postage

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High Quality Stainless Steel neck chain for up to Five Amulets. Fancy interspersion of decorative cylindrical bars and knotted rings make this amulet neck chain an Aesthetic compliment to the amulets which hang from it. Lucky Auspicious Blessings for Wealth, Prosperity and Happiness are embossed on the tubular stainless steel bars, which intersperse the square spiral patterns on the bars of the chain. This is one of three sizes, of the thicker gauge, which is Apt for Men.

A medium length thick gauge chain for those who prefer a heavier and stronger mainframe for arrangement of up to a recommended maximum of 5 different amulets in one single magical and/or religious composition. In principle, one could attach up to nine or more amulets on this neck chain, but it would become very crowded with more than five.

As a perfect medium we would suggest a maximum of three to five amulets for this chain, with one to three being the most adequate option. Three is indeed a very tasteful number to attach to your chain, not too many not too few. In addition the number three representing the Buddha Dhamma and Sangha (Triple Gem).

The cylindrical bar segments are embossed with a Mayan like square spiral design, with the words 'Ruay Jaroen Sukh' (Thai Proverbial Blessing for Prosperity and Happiness), and 'Hok Lok Siu' (Thai Chinese Proverbial Blessing),

There is an art to the placement of amulets, sometimes according to cosmological heirarchy, or even to compose a particular kind of magical spell with specific aims, such as business, love affairs, gambling, convincing orations, increase popularity, or even invincibility.

The chain is Medium Length (27 Inches), and will hang in the middle of the chest on most people.

With this chain, you will have a full compendium of possibilities ranging from hanging your first Single amulet, up to the addition of a total of Five amulets. The story of your 5 amulets, and how you came across them, and what they mean to you, will become part of the legend of your neck chain, and become an ever strengthening self reminder of the values and goals which you hold for important, and wish to devote your life to.

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