Stainless Steel Neck Chain for One Amulet (more possible) - Thick Gague with Lai Thai Granok Flame Pattern - 20 Inches Long

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Short Length Neck Chain with Thick Gague bar shape segments interspersed with barrel shaped connecting links. Spiral Flame Design is embossed upon the bar segments.

The back of the chain has a closure because of the shortness of the chain, which can not be pulled over the head, rather must be opened using the clasp, for a short high residing neck chain that shows off your amulet easily without opening too many buttons of the shirt, or can be worn easily with T-hirt and resides at a high enough level to look good over a t-shirt.

The bar segments have a fancy 'Lai Thai' style flame pattern (called 'Lai Granok' in Thai). One single amulet is intended, but as is the case with most neck chains, the links between the bar segments actually allow the attachment of more amulets. We do however recommend one single amulet for this chain which is in principle too short to wear more than one amulet and still look good.

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