Stainless Steel Neckchain Medium-Slim Gauge with Yant Nam Tao - 26 Inches long for 1 - 5 amulets

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This is a slim gauge 26 Inch long neckchain suitable for men or ladies to wear, and can attach from one to five pendants (recommended 3 Maximum, but it is possible to attach five)

The neckchain has rodlike segments with interspersed barrel links. The rod segments have Sacred Yant Nam Tao (gourd Yantra) embossed on the surface, bearing the Khom Sanskrit Kata 'Namo Puttaaya,

This chain is a slimmer size option for those who like a relatively long pendant chain, but prefer a lighter, slimmer gauge of chain thickness. The chain would allow the lower central pendant to rest roughly over the heart on most people. Each segment is embellished with a Sacred Gourd Yantra, with the five Dhyani Buddhas Kata inscription within it (Namo Puttaaya)

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