Stainless Steel Neckchain with Pra Sangkajjai Buddha embossed pattern for 1 - 5 Amulets - Thick Gauge bars and knotted chain 26 Inches

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Thick Gauge Stainless Steel neck Chain with Bars and Knotted Ring Interspersing segments. The bar segments have the image of Pra Sangkajjai Buddha embossed upon them, for Maha Lap Lucky Fortunes and Protective Blessings.

We recommend this chain for attaching of 1, 3 or 5 Amulets for this 26 Inch long chain. Its thickness dictates it would be most suitable for those seeking a chunkier type of neck chain.

One single pendant is attachable on the central pendant attachment, and has a number of small rings between the bar segments which could be used to attach further amulets if wished.

A Most Fitting Thematic Accessory for Buddhist Amulets.

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