Stainless Steel Pendant Penclip for Amulet with Luang Por Tuad + Kata

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Stainless steel pen clip with miniature image of the great monk Luang Por Tuad of Wat Chang Hai, and the sacred mantra "Namo Potisadto Aakandtimaaya Idtipakawaa".

The pen clip has a pendant hoop attached for connecting to Amulets which are encased for wearing. This is an alternative for those who do not wish to wear a neck chain, and can instead wear it within their top or inner breast pocket.

The Pendant ring found on Encased Amulets is split, and can be bent using pliers, and opened, to connect the amulet to the enclosed hoop on the pen clip.

The penclip is rust free and waterproof for durability, and looks inconspicuously like a Pen or Keychain in the pocket. lph Tuad Protects against invasive energies and as a Buddhanusati Reminder of the Meritorious Guru Monk, to Invoke his Protections. This pendant penclip is usable for any amulet, but of course wold be very fitting got use in conjunction with a Luang Por Tuad amulet, for maximum compatibility and faith instilment.

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