Stainless Steel Unisex Neck Chain for Amulets - medium gague spiralled rope link - for 1 single amulet 22 Inches long

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High Quality Stainless Steel entwined rope style medium gauge for either Sex - an exquisitely elegant but very strong 22 inch medium length neck chain for Ladies to wear one single amulet. The baroqueish ropelike style of the chain gives it a luxurious and strong appearance depsite the fact that it is actually more of a light to wear neck chain which is unobtrusive under the clothes, but gives the impression of thicknbess without losing the grace of its petite size, tightly interwoven sleek links of this chain lay very comfortably on the skin, and catch the light easily

There is an art to the placement of amulets, sometimes according to cosmological heirarchy, or even to compose a particular kind of magical spell with specific aims, such as business, love affairs, gambling, convincing orations, increase popularity, or even invincibility. The size of chain should fit the person as well as the size of the amulet/s to be worn. This chain would do very well with one small or medium size amulet for Ladies.

One single fixture is attached for one single amulet. The links of the chain are rope type links, and are very classic, the interwoven double thread easily provides adequate strength to endure most everyday stress factors.

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