Suea Phaen Pern Dtaek Wicha Maha Bao Maha Ud Leaping Tiger 2545 BE BE Luang Por Yaem Wat Takian

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An immense rarity and highly sought-after amulet in all its various editions; the Suea Phaen Pern Dtaek early edition (3rd) leaping tiger brazen metal 'Loi Ongk' statuette; A very rarely seen Suea Phaen Loi Ongk leaping tiger alchemical metal alloy amulet, empowered with the Wicha Maha Bao Maha Ud Pern Dtaek, Gunbreaker spell, from Pra Kroo Bpiyanantakun, otherwise known as 'Luang Por Yaem Bpiyawanno'. This exhibit comes in special decorative waterproof casing with opaque red rear face, to fit the shape of the tiger.

The Tiger Wicha amulets of Luang Por Yaem, are full of Maha Amnaj Commanding Power, and Intimidating Aura, Serm Yos Power for increased status and Promotion opportunities,. The amulet is highly imbued with Kong Grapan Chadtri, Klaew Klaad, Metta and Maha Lap Magic.

Free registered airmail shipping Worldwide is included with this item; (shipping weight will not be calculated). Luang Por Yaem released various editions (more than a dozen types), of the famous Suea Phaen Pern Dtaek leaping tiger brazen metal 'Loi Ongk' statuettes, between 2540 and 2556 BE, all of which are very difficult to encounter. Another reason for the popularity of Luang Por Yaem's Suea Pern Dtaek amulets, is the Buddha Abhiseka empowerment and blessing ceremonies always were attended by many great Master Monks.

Recommended for those who are in positions of command or administration, and those who need to exude power and influence, and for those who risk their lives in conflicts. Those who need to get noticed more, or need to get more respect from others are highly recommended for this kind of amulet. Also those who wear Tiger Sak Yant Thai Temple Tattoos are especially recommended to use this kind of amulet, and to use Kata Suea and Kata for Sak Yant to empower both the amulet, and their tattoos.

Luang Por Yaem was the abbot of Wat Takian in Nontaburi for over 50 years, until his passing away on 4th of May 2557 BE, at age 98. His passing closed the 'Dtamnan' (legend) of his famous Wicha Takrut Kor Hmaa 'dogs neck' Kong Grapan protection spell, and the Wicha Suea Pern Dtaek Gunstopper Tiger Wicha, of this Great Master, whose ability with these Wicha was legendary.He was famous for both his 'Suea Phern Dtaek' 'broken gun' leaping tiger metallic loi ongk statuettes, as well as his tiger fur takrut, and other forms of takrut.

In early days, Luang Por Yaem would make tiger fur takrut by cutting each piece of hide for Tiger takrut one by one in different sizes, and only make small numbers. But as he became old, Luang Por developed a kind of tuberculosis of the lungs, and became concenred that the fur from cutting small pieces one by one, would be breathed in and damage his lungs, so he changed method for later era editions, to that of inscribing square channels on the whole hide, and then cutting them up in one batch. he would then inscribe them as usual, in black, red or blue permanent ink.

Below; Dragon and Tiger's Mouth entrance to a twin shrine either side of the Uposadha Shrineroom wirhin the temple of Luang Por Yaem (Wat Takian)

Despite the fact of his passing being seemingly recent, his amulets have disappeared from the scene extremely rapidly since the Master has left us, and were also fast to deplete with each edition during Luang Por Yaem's Lifetime.

The popularity of his amulets with his Devotees, for the power of Maha Ud, Klaew Klaad and Metta was, and remains to this day, immense. Luang Por Yaem was a Looksit (apprentice) to the lineage magic of the 'Lum Mae Nam Ta Jeen' group of sorcery Masters, who were a group of High Adepts who had gathered their forces to form an alliance and share their Wicha to form a Dtamra.

Luang Por Yaem Wat Takian

Because of this, Luang Por Yaem received access to a full Dtamra of Grimoires of the Masters of this Lineage, and became Adept at a vast number of different kinds of spells, amulet making methods, and empowerment secrets. To name just some of the many rare and ancient powerful Wicha he possessed, were the Yant Maha Bao, Wicha Maha Ud Pern Dtaek Gunbreaker spell, the Wicha Takrut Kor Hmaa dog neck spell for Kong Grapan Chadtri, Tiger Amulets, such as the world famous Suea Phaen Pern Dtaek leaping tiger brazen metal 'Loi Ongk' statuette, and Takrut Hnang Suea, and his 'Rian Run Raek' first edition Monk Coin of 2513 BE.

One of the inimitable aspects of the amulets of Luang Por Yaem, is that he would always include the empowerment of the Wicha Yant Maha Bao Maha Ud in all of his amulets, be they Takrut Tone, takrut Tong Daeng, Ngern, Takua, or other inscribed amulets such as Tiger Skin and carved effigies, and some of his Monk Coins, famed for Metta Klaew Klaad and Maha Ud.

The Yant Maha Bao Maha Ud is seen on the Rian Run Raek 1st edition monk coin Luang Por Yaem's first edition Monk Coin was made in Albaca in the year 2513 BE, with 3000 coins made. The coin is hence extremely rare and highly valued. The world famous Suea Pern Dtaek leaping tiger Loi Ongk Statuette amulets were made for the first edition in the year 2540 BE, to raise funds to continue the building of the temple.

Because of the rumours of Luang Por's Kong Grapan Klaew Klaad and Maha Ud Pern Dtaek Gunstopper/Gun Breaker powers, some devotees took one of the amulets and tested a gun out on it by shooting at it. The first shot did not fire, so they tried a second shot. The second shot also did not fire, and so they tried once more. The third time, the gun broke apart, wounding the hand of the person firing it (as if to punish him for insolence). The person was scarred for life.

Below: Wat Takian Temple

Wat Ta-khian Temple

The amulets themself were organised comissioned and designed for Luang Por Yaem through the efforts of Luang Pi Sang-Op (all editions), which is a Meritorious Effort that requires recognition, as a devoted assistant and apprentice to Luang Por Yaem.

The Suea Phaen Pern Dtaek leaping tiger and other tiger amulets of Luang Phu Yaem are highly sought after amulets, which are extremely difficult to encounter, especially his hand made individual custom amulets and talismans such as the Takrut Kor Hmaa and Tiger Fur Takrut, and of course, rarest of all, his first edition Albaca coin.

Below; First Edition 2513 BE Coin of Luang Por Yaem

The Legend of the Takrut Kor Hmaa

Luang Por Yaem's Takrut Kor Hmaa became very famous due to a very unusual story, which also reveals the great compassion of Luang Por Yaem, towards all living sentient beings; Luang Por Yaem used to keep many dogs at the temple, and feed them, some of which were a bit aggressive (protective of the temple and of Luang Por), and would receive blows from stone throwing and even be attacked with blades and shot at with guns by some of the local villagers who did not like dogs, and many dogs would often have large wounds, and suffer.

So Luang Por Yaem made a special Takrut using the Wicha Yant Maha Bao Maha Ud, and hung them around the necks of the dogs, to protect them. One day, a villager decided to shoot one of the temple dogs, but when he shot the gun, it exploded in his hand. Upon seeing the dog unharmed and noticing the Takrut around the dog's neck, the villagers who witnessed the event became excited, and the rumor spread.

Many villagers (those with less honesty and good heartedness), actually coaxed the dogs to approach using food and removed (stole) the Takrut for their own use. Others with more precepts of goodness went to the temple to beseech Luang Por Yaem for a Takrut. Luang Por Yaem saw the needs of the people, and began to make Takrut Yant Maha Bao Maha Ud in two versions, one for dogs, and one with a different formula for humans.

However, after the legendary power of the Takrut becoming even more nationally famous after devotees had many miraculous life saving events occur, with many cases of guns not firing, or exploding, the Takrut Kor Hmaa became the target of forgers, who made a very exact looking copy of the Takrut. This was found out as a devotee took a Takrut to the temple for Luang Por to rebless, and Luang Por Yaem held it, and said immediately 'this is not my Takrut, it has no power'.

The devotee then gave permission to unscroll the Takrut to examine the Yantra inscription within, and indeed, it was different to the Yantra Luang Por Yaem inscribes on the Takrut Kor Hmaa. This even only served to increase people's faith in Luang Por Yaem's psychic powers to know by touching if a Takrut was his own or a forgery. Since then, Luang Por Yaem was always known lovingly by devotees as 'Luang Por Yaem Takrut Kor Hmaa'

This Tiger Fur Takrut is one of the rarer hand made talismanic animist charms from Luang Por Yaem, and highly valued not only for its inherent power, and the power of Luang Por's Wicha Yant Maha Bao Maha Ud, but also for its Extreme Rarity as a Thai Amulet collector's item.

Luang Por Yaem Passed away in 2557 BE, and his relics (mortal remains) are kept in a glass coffin in his mausoleum at Wat Takian, where devotees go to pray to him daily, and wonder at the fact that his body does not decay as do normal corpses, which is considered a sign of miraculous achievements in a monk. His works throughout his life developed the temple of Wat Takian from a small temple into the world famous and highly visited temple it is today.

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