Taep Pra Rahu 'Run Chana Marn 2555 BE' (Conquering Mara Edition) Historical Event in Khao or History - Nuea Din Kakyayaks - Por Tan Kloi 1st Press - Wat Phu Khao Tong (Pattalung)

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The Conquering Mara Edition of Rahu Amulets from por Tan Kloi were included in two Putta Pisek Taewa Pisek Empowerment Ceremonies and is an edition which is of Great Historical Importance for the Lineage Masters of Khao Or Southern Magical Arts. First empowerment was held in Ubon Ratchatani with a host of Isan masters and then again in the South with the Khao or Masters present.

The amulets were made in various Sacred Metals and Powders and empowered in two Major Putta Pisek Ceremonies, along with some Hun Payont Soldier Amulets, some very rich sacred powder Pid Ta amulets in special edition, and a set of Pra Kring and Pra Chaiyawat Loi Ongk Buddha statuettes in Sacred Metals.

Read Documentation about the Making of this Edition - Run Chana Marn 2555 Por Tan Kloi

This particular version is made from Nuea Din Kakyayaks - Black Sacred Powder, made from Magical Earths, Incenses and powders).

Each amulet has an individual numbered code stamp and individual blessing with gold powder. The amulets received an intensely powerful Blessing on both occasions. These versions were made 888 times in 8 different pressing ceremonies, making each mixture emerge slightly different.

The eight sessions were split into two powder types, 'Nuea Din Kakyayaks' (black powder) and Nuea Wan 108' (108 Sacred Herbal powders and pollens). The 1st, 3rd, 5th and 7th pressing ceremonies were used to make the black Din Kakyayaks amulets, and the 2nd, 4th, 6th and 8th ceremonies were allocated to pressing the red 'Nuea Wan 108' powder amulets. Each press was recorded and the resulting amulets and surface finishes were also recorded, which is a sure sign of these amulets being accepted and extremely sought after in professional collector circles and high end amulet collector scenes in the Future.

This Edition was made and recorded in the annals of Thai Khao Or Sacred Cave Magical Lineage History with a double Empowerment, first being performed with an array of the Best Masters of the Isan Magical Lineage and then on the second Empowerment Ceremony, in the Presence of the Current and Remaining Older Generation Khao or Masters of the Southern Magical Lineage.

The presence of these Important members of Khao Or Magical Brotherhood all joining hands to empower these Pra Rahu, Hun Payont and Pra Kring Amulets will be an event that becomes part of the Historic and centuries Old Legend of Khao Or Sorcery for the Official Empowerment Ceremony of these Powerful (and Highly Collectible)Classic Amulets. Pra Rahu is Prayed to by Thai Buddhist people to reduce the Ill Fate and Bad Karmic effects, for it is Pra Rahu, who is the Asura Deva who resides in the Darkness and sends Bad Luck to our Astrological Line of Fate. By Appeasing (with Offerings) and Praying to Pra Rahu for Mercy, we can reduce his Wrath and Increase his Metta towards us, in turn Increasing our Luck again.

For Gamblers, Pra Rahu is an essential Deity to keep Appeasing so that Bad Luck streaks do not set in for too long. For the year 2012, Almost Everybody should Bucha Pra Rahu, especially after the Eclipses which were Occurring.

Por Tan Kloi is a Master of Khao or Magic, whose Fame for making Powerful Hun Payont Soldier Ghost amulets is heard of Worldwide. His Hun Payont is revered by a multitude of people from a large number of different Nations, from Indonesia to USA

Amulet Comes with original Temple Box - Can be Encased if Desired

How to Pray to and Make Offerings for Pra Rahu Deity

Most amulets in this edition sold out by pre-order before they were even blessed and released, and are very difficult to find already, for which reason we are pleased to be able to provide some for our customers.

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