Taep Rae Rai Paya Wan Jakkajan Chae Nam Man Prai Sacred Cordyceps Cicada Pra Kroo Pern

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Sacred Paya Wan Jakkajan Cordyceps Cicada Animist Charm Sealed in Waterproof Casing and Consecrated in a Nam Man Prai Oil immersion, imbuing the amulet with the added power of Sacred Prai Magic, from Master Sorceror Monk Pra Kroo Pern, of Wat Lard Chado.

Pra Kroo Pern learned the Wicha through Luang Por Im, the previous Abbot of Wat Lard Chado, who he ordained under as a young Samanera Novice Monk, and remained under his Mentorship until his passing.

Taep Rae Rai Paya Wan Jakkajan in Prai Oils amulet by Pra Kroo Pern Wat Lard Chado

The Taep Rae Rai (Paya Wan Jakkajan), is a powerful amulet for both lucky fortunes, wealth increase and gambling luck, but also a powerful protector against illnesses and possesses healing powers, as well as Libido Increasing effects. It is Ancient Belief in Thailand, that the one who possesses the Taep Rae Rai Paya Wan Jakajan, will be able to attract wealth and possessions with incredible ease, have great Luck Increase, and attract promotion in the Professional and Social status. The Paya Wan Jakkajan (Taep Rae Rai 'Deva of the Farmfields), is seen by Thai people as a half vegetable, half Insect. Considered a Superior to all Insects in all its aspects, from the limbs, to the wings, everything about the Paya Wan Jakkajan seems to be Magical in Nature.

A supernatural Being compared to the Miraculous 'Makkali Phon' which is a Femal Human form which grows on a tree, and comes to Life, told of in the Himapant Forest Legends. It is classified as a 'Gaayasit' (Kaya Siddhi) Elemental with a Ruling Deva present, to watch over things. The Wan jakkajan has various Magical Qualities within it, including the Power to Increase Power and Status, Give Protection, Turn Luck in your Favor, Increase Popularity, and even Forewarn of Dangers or things to Pay Attention to (such as Lottery Numbers). Wealth and Treasured Possessions (Maha Lap Maha Pokasap) are one of the most famed Blessings attributed to the Paya Wan Jakkajan, which is used by Thai People to induce more Commerce, Cashflow, Lucky Windfalls, and Influx of Wealth.

Taep Rae Rai Paya Wan Jakkajan amulet

A perfect Cashflow is constantly available. Fame and Fortune comes easily, friends flock to the owner of the Taep Rae Rai. Half vegetable, half insect, the Taep Rae Rai Paya Wan Jakajan is even known by science to have healing properties, which is also part of its magical effect on the person who carries it, to help maintain health. However, the Magickal Wicha also invokes the Spirit of a Prai Deva to inhabit and guard over the owner of the amulet, which is something science cannot delve into. Bosses don't complain or punish so much, those who were unfriendly become friendly and helpful, and those who already greeted shyly, become very friendly and kind companions. This is the power of Mercy Charm (Metta Mahaniyom) in effect.

Please Note! Each Paya Wan Jakkajan Taep Rae Rai is slightly different in its shape and size, and hence, the item received might differ slightly from the pictures, all are however similar enough, and of equal beauty and quality, as can be seen in the two below examples.

Paya Wan Jakkajan in Nam Man Prai Pra Kroo Pern

The Wicha follows precisely the same method, and is constructed using the same secret processes as was used in olden days Siam. It uses the same methodology and Wicha used by Pra Kroo Pern's Lineage Wicha Mentors; Luang Por Glan and Luang Por An (of Wat Prayat, Ayuttaya), and Luang Por Im, whose Wicha is now living on through the current Lineage Wicha holder of all three Masters, Pra Kroo Pern.

Cordyceps Cicadas in Prai Oils animist charms for gambling luck amulets

Pra Kroo Pern is currently very highly revered for his authentic ancient style amulets of high power and excellent quality sacred ingredients, and his adherence to making amulet according to the original Dtamra, just as they were made in ancient times. His amulets are believed to be extremely powerful and sacred. His animist charms and occult talismans, and in particular his Hun Payont effigies, have become legendary and immensely popular with his Devotees in Thailand, and has a cult following, for his powerful magic, which in part also comes from his time and training as a Ruesi (Lersi) Hermit and his Empowerment to Perform Wai Kroo Ruesi 108.

Kata Taep Rae Rai Wan Jakajan (Chant 3 Times)

Chaanang Dtigkhadti Chaanang Dtigkhadti

Dtikkatammang Adtagang

Maara Chaadti Potiyaa Sadtang Tammang

Mano Tammang Suwabpo Dtago Ayang Raachaa

Wanna Wannaa Mahab-Palaa

Saarigaanang Ragkhandtu Mahosadt-tho

Suwabpodtago Bpiyang Ma Ma

Niam Mi-A-Khao Maa

Charadtang Omma Guu Ja Saadtaa I-See

Gor Laeg Yor Yerm

Na Mo Dtassa Pia Wia Aehi Ma Ma

Puttang Ragkhajidtang Aehi Ragkhajidtang

Tammang Ragkhajidtang Aehi Ragkhajidtang

Sangkang Ragkhajidtang Aehi Ragkhajidtang

This Kata is Excellent for asking for loans as well as for trading and getting the better part of the deal.

Important Note from Our Owner, Ajarn Spencer;

"The Paya wan Jakkajan is in scientific view, a Cicada, that has been infected by a Cordyceps Parasite. However, it has been found that the Composition found within the Paya Wan jakkajan has definite Healing Qualities, and as to whether or not it has magical power to invoke wealth, is not changed by the fact that the true origins of the Cordyceps Cicada is now known (Paya Wan Jakkajan).

In fact, despite the fact that there is no Mystery as to how an Insect can seem to be half vegetabe anymore, the combination of circumstances remains a very authentic and powerful formula according to the Principle of Ancient Sorcery. Nothing changes the element of Power.

If a Geologist were to scientifically define the atomic properties of Lek Lai for example, it would not change the fact that people have witnessed and experienced endless miracles and miraculous events with Lek Lai. Scientifically cataloging something does not steal the magic away. In fact, the Scientific discovery of its healing properties confirms it as a powerful active agent in Muan Sarn sacred substances

Apart from this, if we consider how olden days people used cords to wrap the amulets and feel the powders against their skin, instead of sealed in waterproof or stainless steel casing, we can consider the medical and healing aspects of the Sacred Herbal ingredients of the powders, as being effective in healing or preventing illnesses, and other auspicious effects which the modern day amulet scene does not enjoy, due to aesthetics demanding a nice encasement instead of a rough cord wrapping, as in olden days. However, Magick passes through all physical objects, including acrylic casing, which is necessary to seal the Cicada within Prai Oils, and emanates in truth, equal power through Magickal Means.

I believe the Paya Wan Jakkajan Powders or amulet possess healing powers, which is not stated in this amulet description from the Temple, but my experiences studies and personal involvement with Sorcery and Herbalism, indicates to me that the Paya Wan Jakkajan is indeed a very protective Health Maintainer"

Taep Rae Rai Paya Wan Jakkajan in Nam Man Prai Pra Kroo Pern Wat Lard Chado

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