Taewada Hlong Hong - Montr Paetch Payatorn Jantr Sorn Jantr edition - Maha Sanaeh Powders, 11 Takrut 12 Maha Pokasap Gems, + Uncut Gems -free for orders over 500$ - Luang Phu In

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Paetch Payatorn Sacred Powder Amulet, with Takrut and Maha Pokasap Gemstones, from Master Adept Khmer sorcerer, Luang Phu In (Wat Nong Meg).The amulet measures 5 x 4 Cm, and is made from sacred Herbal pollens, Prai Oils and magical Tree woods.

Made with sacred necromantic powders and herbal powders with pheromonic influence for attraction and enchantment. 8 Takrut spells are inserted into the rear face, with a further three Takrut in the base, making a total of 11 invocations.

Paetch Payatorn sacred powder amulet

These Sacred Yantra foil spells have received inscriptions of the invocations of the Paetch Payatorn in Ancient Khmer Sanskrit, a magical inscription form known as, 'Khom'. The spells are intended to invoke Metta Mahaniyom & Maha Sanaeh power.

The Paetch Payatorn Deva, along with the pheromonic and magical attraction power of the extremely aromatic Maha Sanaeh Powders brings immense attraction power and enchantment power, to convince others of your ways thoughts ideas and suggestions.

Paetch Payatorn

The Paetch Payatorn Amulet it is now in its fifth edition, and is considered to be one of the most successful lockets of all Maha Sanaeh type lockets. Luang Phu In (Wat Nong Meg), considered to be one of the top seven and we consider him within the top three, of all the great masters of Maha Sanaeh who are still living.

Paetch Payatorn sacred powder amulet rear face

The rear face also has ancient Khmer Maha Sanaeh spells embedded in sacred inscription of Khom Agkhara.

Empowered with the Montr Paetch Payatorn edition after the Traimas three month rainy retreat, using Luang Phu In's Vast Array of Khmer Wicha which only he Possesses in Thailand, and which are part of what makes him in our opinion, the number one Master of the Seven Great Ordained Masters of Maha Sanaeh Magic in the Present Era. The Wicha Gampong Jaam, Bantian Mia, and Nia Kajia Sorceries, were applied along with the Incantations and Invocations of the Paetch Payatorn Deva.

This amulet can be obtained free including waterproof casing for orders over 500$. To get this amulet, add 500$ worth of goods (not including this amulet), then add this amulet making a subtotal of 567.99 or more, and use this coupon code at checkout to get a 67.99$ reduction when you pay.


A most Powerful Amulet indeed, power to convince, make a sale, attract the favor of Ruling Devas of the Gambling Dens. Win the Heart of Another, Lottery, Gain promotion and Popularity.

Kata Bucha Paetch Payatorn + how to Worship

Om Sivaling Naam Waa Pra Paetch Payatorn Kuay Ngaam Bpen Neung Grapong Ngaam Bpen Sorng Dtua Ngaam Bpen Saam Kwaam Ngaam Bpen See Kwaam Dee Bpen Haa Tan Jong Sadaeng Rittaa Nai Daan sanaeh Maedttamahaniyom Chay Hen Chay Hlon Hying Hen Rak Krai Sanaehaa Eeg Tang Choke Laap mang Mee Aehi Ma Maa Khamaa Mihang

Download Kata_Paetch_Payatorn (wma sound file Tutorial)

Download Fast Version Kata Paetch Payatorn (wma sound file)

Kata Bucha Palad Paetch Payatorn Nang Lorm (Deva with maidens attending, for Romantic attraction)

Om Siwaleungk Hoem Khad Jad Mad Ma Ma Maa Maa Saara Bpaaraa Bpaay Bpag Ngaay Saraa Bper Ongka Ngaaya

Luang Phu In Khemataewo – Wat Nong Meg (Surin) – Master of Wicha Khmer – Maha Sanaeh Metta Choke Lap. As he was still a young man, he was already a Master of Wicha Maha Sanaeh (attraction and riches charm). As a layman he loved to practice Maha Sanaeh magic. When he ordained, because his inclination was to make amulets, he sought out a dozen or more great masters to teach him their various Wicha…….


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