Tagrud Maha Jakkapadtirach- Royal Empire Tagrud for Status and Invincibility - Luang Phu Phad

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Tagrud Maha Jakkapadtirach- Royal Empire Tagrud for Status and Invincibility - Luang Phu Phad Apinanto - Wat Rai

10 Centimeters long, 2.5 centimeters wide, (1.5 wide hole), this is a large Tagrud with a very powerful and heavy feel to it.Recommendable for people in positions of power or in Administrative tasks, people who have to move around in High Society, Bodyguards, Advisors, Members of Royalty or Family lineages, People in the public eye, Civil Servants..

This is a very well made heavy duty Tagrud which has been made using very thick lead plating which gives the Tagrud a feel of solidity, quality and hard wearing.

Tagrus Jaklkapadtirach Luang Por Phad

These Tagruds were made in a 5000 number edition of Tagrud, 10cms long, and each Tagrud has a coded number in it which is stamped into the Tagrud before the 'Tak Chueak' process is begun (wrapping cords) as in days of old (except for the coded numbet emblazoning which is done by firing laser). This is the last time these Tagrud will be made, there will be no further editions.

Takrut Amulet

In ancient times the old Masters would make Tagrud Jakkapadtirach to give exclusively to special people who has much Merit and a high Noble status. This kind of Tagrud was normally worn by Kings and Royalty, Lords, Royal Guardians and courtiers.The Tagrud is used for 'Bucha Duang Chadtaa' (Improve ones Destiny).

Apart from the magical properties mentioned, this kind of Tagrud was also used to take into battle in ancient wars, for it is believed that whoever carries this Tagrud will not die at the hand of somebodys Weapon, because of the 7 tiered crystal wall of Buddhas empowered within the sacred Yant and Kata contained within this Tagrud spell.

According to the Legend, whoever carries Tagrud Jakkapadtirach will be greater and more commanding than the rest of the assembly of people in the entourage, will have commanding power, enjoy respect and enjoy increasing status and wealth. There will be people helping you to rise up the status laddแนer professionally and socially, with all sorts of promotional opportunities. If working as a Civil servant, in politics or administration, the wearer will attain high positions of command and constant promotion. Enemies and competitiors will disappear from the scene, and you will be protected from ill wishing Deities,Nagas ghosts and demons. Whichever direction you traveling, you will encounter helpful people and friends to assist you on your way. The Devas will protect and guide you and keep your horoscope in balance.

Alternative Bucha method;
If you place the Tagrud on your altar of worship, and chant the Kata, Bucha to Triple Gem and say your general prayers, the Tagrud will emanate power from your prayers and empower the water in the bowl. This is then 'Nam Montr' (prayer water).Then the Tagrud will serve to improve the Destiny, Horoscope and Fate of the members of that Household.

Alternative Bucha method 2;
Immerse the Tagrud in a 'Khan Nam Montr' made of Samrit (bronze) and chant the following; Sappataewasbpisaajaewa Aalawagaatayo Bpijakakgangdtalabpadt-dtangtiswaa Namoputtaaya Sappaeyagkhaa Bplaayandti (chant 3 times.

If you are always being picked on and bullied, or nobody likes you, you fail in business and Saturn and Rahu are overshadowing your fate, then you should immerse the Tagrud in water (if you already began making prayer water, then place it once more in the pre blessed water to re-empower with). Light 16 incense sticks for the 16 levels of the Deva Realms, and Bucha Kruu along with nine white candles, and sixteen baht (sixteen coins if you like) for the Kroo.  Think of Luang Por Glan of Wat Prayat, Luang Phu Si of Wat Sagae, Ajarn Heng, Luang Por Sod of Wat Pak Nam, Lord Brahma, Pra isworn (Shiva) Pra Narai (Vishnu) and Pikanes (Ganesha). Then think of Luang Por Phad at the end. Now hold these Master Guru Monks in your mind as you chant the following Kata;

SiilaenawidtiggamandtangBpariyudthang Smaatinaa Bpanyaayyanusong Syang Chittang Kajchaenippaanamudt-dtamang

Then take the Nam Montr (prayer water), and use it to sprinkle over yourself and clothing, wares which you are selling etc, and popularity and attraction will occur, Enemies will disappear and you will begin to win in all cases.

This Tagrud is a real Jakkapadtirach Tagrud, which is not only difficult to find, but is also extremely difficult to empower (which is also why they are so hard to find, and not many Masters make them). The reason it is so difficult to empower, is that there must be a Devata (angelic being), which is called and convinced to agree to inhabiting the Tagrud as the patron, and protect its wearer and even his relatives. A trained Brahman Master must choose the time and place for the empowerment ceremony, and inscribe the Khom Agkhara lettering.  Then the Tagrud mnust be brought to Luang Phu Phad, and the Yant has to be chanted into and empowered using Jhanic meditation until it comes to life, and knows it is alive, and is able to display various states of emanation. This is where the Tagrud becomes sacred and has its own sacred power within it. When LP Phad takes the Tagrud to bless them, he checks that the Khom Agkara is correctly written and if the heart mantra is inserted properly or not. He checks each Tagrud individually first before rolling it into the scroll shape and empowering it simultaneously using Kata Naray Muan Phaen Din.

Kata Bucha Dtakrud Jakkapadtirach

(always chant 'Namo Dtassa Pakawadto Arahadto, Sammaa Samputtassa 3 times before any other Chanting)

Iditi Bpiso Wisae Sae
I I Sae Sae Put Na Mae I
I Mae Naa Put Ta Dtang So I
I So Dtang Put Ta Bi Dti I

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