Tagrud Pralaks Hnaa Tong Yant Yai - Great Golden Faced Lakshman Yantra spell for Metta - 'Som Bote' Edition 2552 BE - Luang Phu Phad - Wat Rai

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Pra Laks Hnaa Tong Metta Maha Sanaeh Takrut for Popularity, Increased Customers, Admirers and Friends, recieve Mercy from Superiors and Attract Success. This edition was made to help finance the restoration of the Uposadha Shrine Room at Wat Rai in 2550 BE. Made from leaden Takrut Tone yantra Foil wrapped in cords and coated in lacquer and gold leaf.

Pralaks Hnaa Tong (Golden Faced Lashman) is one of the most powerful Metta and Sanaeh magics that is known to Thai Buddha Magic. In addition this Tagrud has the Great Yant of Pralaks Hnaa Tong in it, which is the greatest of all attraction and popularity charms. In olden times, performers, singers dancers and public figures would have to have the Yant Pralaks Hnaa Tong Yantra made on them before the curtain rose to begin performance. Those who had a successful laying on of this magic woul not even have begun to erect the stage and people would come in throngs to book tickets before even the first post was knocked into the ground.

5cm long and 1 cm thick, Long Rak Pid Tong (Leaden yantra scroll with cord wrapping, black lacquer and gold leaf).

In this day and age where people are becoming more violent or angry all the time, and terrible things are seen in the news, we need metta mahaniyom charms to protect us. How does a Metta Charm help us be protected you migh ask? Well, with protection amulets you get protected, but you still have enemies. But in the case of Maha sanaeh Metta Mahaniyom, your enemies will disappear because this kind of magic makes everybody love you. If you don't have enemies or people becoming angry at you, then you don't need so much protection either. This is the most positive and wholesome way to protect yourself, and also spread love and affection to the hearts of those around you!

This also then indirectly aids you to get rich in your profession due to good sales through popular personality charm.

Kata Pra Laks Hnaa Tong

Om Pra Pakdtr Pra Laks Hnaa Tong- Suwann Phud Phong Hnaa Tong Pra Pakdtr Chaay Haen Chaay Rak Saaw Haen Saaw Rak - Phuu Hyai Haen Gor Rak Paa Gan Somanas Krai Haen Krai Gor Rak Ruu Jag Guu Tua Hnaa Mai Waa Krai

Na Jab Jidt Mo Jab Jai Put Yoeng Yai Taa Hlong Hlai Ya Rorng Hai Ma Haa Guu Bpa Sa Sam Bpadti Thaani

Om Pra Laeng Bpen Saeng Pra Laks - Pra Rasii Jab Bpaag Gaa Pra Laks Jab Hnaa Jab Dtaa Swaa Ha

Na Haen Hnaa Guu Yuu Mai Dai - Mo Rorng Hai Kruan Kraang - Put Gord Wai Mi Krai Ja Waang - Taa Kruan Kraang Sa-Eun Hai - Ya Hlong Hlai Nai Jidt

Hying Dai Chaay Dai Peng Pis Haen Hnaa Guu - Gor Yorm Yuu Mi Da Rorng Hai Ma Haa Guu

Om Sitti Gae Guu Swaaha Aehi Chayya - Aehi Sappae Chanaa Pahuu Chanaa Aehi

Chant this Kata three times, whilst taking the Pra Laks Tagrud, and circling it around your face whilst chanting, rubbing it on your face.


Luang Por Phad is known for his Kindness and Generosity and his Diligent Practice. He is widely known to have Puttakun Powers that improve the life of those who Bucha his amulets, this is something that Thai Devotees of Luang Por Phad are very sure of.

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