Takrut Amulets

Takrut Amulets are usually (but not always) long, elongated tubes or rolled metallic foils, which contain Sacred Geometry Inscriptionsknown as 'Yant' (Yantra). Some Takrut are worn on a neck chain, others on a cord tied around the waist. There are an endless array of differetn types of Takrut with different magical Spells inserted for differing purposes. Some Takrut are made from natural materials such as bamboo (Takrut Mai Phai), or wood, others are made from animal skin such as tiger, buffalo or otherwise. Some Takrut are even inserted under the skin, usually using a golden takrut. The Ritual Insertion is called 'Fang Takrut Tong', and is famously made by the Great Master Monk 'Luang Por Koon Purisutto' of Wat Ban Rai in Nakorn Rachasima. Takrut are often used as supplementary spells to insert into other amulets, sacred oils or within statues, to increase the power of their effects.

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