Takrut Bpaag Phii Ud Pong Prai Wicha Lanna 2555 BE - Necromantic Powder Filled Gambling Ghost Amulet - Pra Ajarn Dtecharangsri

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This pure silver foil necromantic Powder-Filled 'Ghost Mouth' Takrut, is hand inscribed with Lanna Sorcery Spells, and specifically created and empowered using Ancient Lanna Magic to force luck and winning streaks, as well as being an extremely powerful Maha Sanaeh attraction Charm too. Made Lanna Master Monk of the Karen Hilltribe, Pra Ajarn Dtecharangsri, of Wat San Magiang Doi Saket, in Chiang Mai.

The Takrut is filled with Powerful Necromantic Hoeng Prai Bone Powders, and other sacred ingredients including an admixture of Nam Man Prai oil, to imbue the Takrut with the Ghostly Power of the Hian Prai Deva.

Takrut Bpaag Phii ghost mouth spell for gambling

From Lanna Magical Master Pra Ajarn Dtecharangsri. This Pure Silver Takrut Comes filled with Prai Powders with Prai Grasip Gambling Ghost Whisperer Power. The Ghost Whisperer (Prai Grasip) is a Magical effect that prewarns of lucky streaks or attractive tables or games to bet on, and will also warn of danger or when to flee. The powders of the bones of 56 Hoeng Prai Ghosts were ground up and invoked with reanimation spells to invoke a resident spirit within each Takrut.

The Takrut will warn and advise by vibrating when Luck is coming, when you ask the Takrut to perform this duty by making Bucha to it before leaving to do your Gambling. You can use the following Kata to call whatever it is you have in mind, to come to you, be it money, winning dice, numbers, or even other things you may imagine;

Ehi Jidtang Bpiyang Ma Ma

Chant whilst thinking of the object, thing, or event, you wish to attract

Pra Ajarn Dtecharangsri, has become one of Thailand's Leading Necromancers of the Ordained Sangha, and also has led the scene as a Lay Master. He is one of the few Masters preserving and extending the Wicha Saiyasart of the Northern Hilltribes of his Vicinity, and considered one of the most powerful necromancers for his use of authentic Necromantic Muan Sarn ingredients. The Hilltribe Magic is rooted in Very Ancient Animist Sorcery, and considered to be most powerful due to its adherence to the preservation of ancient methods and secret formulas, passed down from mouth to ear from Master to Apprentice for thousands of years.

Note from Ajarn Spencer;

"The power of Necromancy is immense, and should therefore not be over abused with temptation or greed, for it can consume with its power, when you wish for more than your fair share. So please always ask within reason, and don't be overly greedy or expectant, for this is to abuse the amulet, and ask it to overwork itself". You can always expect a little magic every day, but you should not expect sky toppling miracles every day, all the time. The Buddha taught us thatr all things are constantly changing and impermanent, and so, lucky streaks, also have to subside, and cannot be made to happen all the time. Not even by the most powerful amulets"

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