Takrut Bua Bang Bai - Romantic, Professional Seduction Spell for Love, Convincing Speech, Mercy and Popularity - Luang Por Wichai

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Takrut Bua Bang Bai is made in Traditional olden days fashion by Luang Por, giving personal hand inscription instead of letting his Looksit inscribe, doing all the spells himself and performing Incantations constantly during the process. This is of course the most powerful way to make the Takrut where all stages of the process are performed by the Adept Master himself. This is not always the case with some of the more massively popular Masters, whose editions are simply too vast for the Master to perform all the inscriptions himself.

The Takrut Bua Bang Bai is a Maha Sanaeh, Jerajaa, Kaa Khaay, and Metta Maha Niyom type Wicha, which is ideally intended for going out to seduce and enchant people in both social and professional environments, be it for social climbing, attracting lovers, or for professional advancement, sealing business deals with your charming speech, or simply to improve popularity and increase Mercy and Compassion towards you, and recieve a more helpful and friendly attitude from others. As a Love Charm, the Bua Bang Bai Enchantment spell is said to be second to noe, but works in a more subtle, merciful and loving manner than the obviously and aggressively erotic Prai Khmer Necromancy.

To use the spell, you can wear it as a charm amulet, or, you can use it to make magic potion in clear water, by immersing the amulet in the water and performing the Incantations (Kata) for the Takrut. Then you can use the water to use in a drink for the intended, or targeted person, to give to them. If they drink it, they should become infatuated with you (if you aksed for love and enchantment to seduce), or will be happy to take your advice, believe you, buy your wares, or sign the contract.

If you use it to immerse in water and then bathe with this water or wash your face, on a Monday morning, it will give a golden Aura that shines with attractive power to seduce those who approach, and make those who stand near feel well and receptive to your presence, and wish to enter into conversation with you, get to know you, listen to you, and believe, or follow your suggestions.

Bua Bang Bai is a Wicha which first became Nationally heard of because of the famous Pha Yant Bua Bang Bai of Luang Por Sawai. Its Magical Maha Sanaeh and Kaa Khaay effect has become known to be its greatest Power, to attract and convince those who approach, or indeed who you approach, to become enchanted, and buy your story.

Chant the Maha Namasakara (Namo Tassa) 3 Times first before the Incantation.

How to Chant Maha Namasakara (Namo Tassa), and the Triple Gem Refuge

Kata Bucha Bua Bang Bai

O Dtinno So Taaya Wad-Dta Madt-Dta Ga Ma Ya

Su Su Na Na Raa Cha Dtang Waa Bpup-pPhang Waa Kandang Waa Raa Cha Gu Maa Rii Waa

Raa Cha Gu Maa Ro Waa Id-Thii Yo Waa Taa Ni Yo Waa Aehi Aehi Ka Wa Gam Sae Dti Bpi Su Su Na Na Ima Sa Ming Aa Raa Mae Kae Hae Taewadaa Sukhidtaa Ho Dtu

Kata Bua Bang Bai

Intajidt Dtangmaani (Chant 9 Times)

If using for increasing Business Sales, place the Bua Bang Bai in a glass of pure water. The put some of the water on the palm of your hand, and use the rest of the water to spray on your wares.

Nam Montr – How to Make Holy Prayer Water

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