Takrut Gaam Sadung Bpee - Ancient Khmer Kama Sutra Love Charm - Kroo Rasi Akaradech free casing

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Takrut Gaam Sadung Bpee (Takrut to arouse sexual desire in your intended mate) By Kru Tamma Reusi Akaradech Kru Sanaeh Matjidt This takrut utilizes a very strong Wicha of love and persuasion and has been empowered with magical incantations to instill love into the heart of your partner and to gain a great deal of popularity.

This type of Wicha is of a southern tradition and uses the power of the infamous Cambodian Kama Sutra. This takrut uses it's maha sanaeh and metta maha niyom properties to call to your foot any unfaithful lover that may have previously strayed from you.

This item comes already encased in waterproof Casing included.

The Takrut Gaam Sadung Bpee is useful for gaining new love, to rekindle a lost love, or even to have as many lovers as you would like, to become charming or increase your current status or to gain favor in work or business.

Takrut Gaam Sadung Bii

There is practically no limitation to what this takrut's wicha is capable of granting in terms of favors granted and anyone can use it. A man who wishes to be able to flirt with a woman, a woman who wishes to be favorable to another woman as well as a man who wishes to catch the eye of another man, all is possible and nothing forbidden.


This takrut is similar in it's Wicha to the very well known and ancient "Ngang" amulet often worn for sexual attraction and prowess that is further empowered by rubbing the amulet against the sexual organ of your partner before sexual intercourse.

This takrut can be charged in the same fashion, although it is not necessary and you can merely carry this in your pocket and it will charge as you take it woth you to places of entertainment i.e. restaurants, movies and the like. The extremely powerful Cambodian Wicha can be felt by merely holding this takrut in your hand.

Om Wia Om Juuy Wia Ao Dtong Nuu Heuy

ออม เวีย ออมจูย เวีย เอ๊าะ ต่อง นู เฮย

The takrut is a deep red lacquer in color and is wrapped in a inclined Cobra Knot (Solomons Bar). The cords are magically empowered with binding incantations to bind the heart of your lover.

Kroo Rasi Akaradech

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