Takrut Gao Khun Pol Nine Warlords Yantra Spell 9 Wicha in One Spellbound Cord Maha Amnaj Klaew Klaad Maha Ud Kong Grapan Chadtri - Pra Ajarn Gorp Chai Wat Mae Ya

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The Takrut Gao Khun Pol Nine Warlords Yantra Spell Amulet is a very special Lanna Wicha of the Northern Regions, with a long history dating back to Ancient Times of the Warlords who Ruled the various City States, before the Kingdom of Siam was Established.

In those days, each City State would be constantly Warring against the other, to attempt to overthrow each other and become Emperors of the Land.

Each of the 9 Takrut Scroll Spells calls upon a different Name and different Magical Power, and has its own separate meaning. It is not possible to give any Magical Name desired according to the wish of the Sorceror, rather, the Wicha set out for the names written within each scroll spell are specified by the masters of Old and the Kroo Ba Ajarn of the Wicha.

These Invocational Names must be learned and memorised by the practitioner, who receives the Secret Names and Methods through the lineage of their Kroo Ba Ajarn.

The names of the Nine Spells are;

1. Dab Saen Dam (100,000 Swords). 2. Pern Saen Hlaeng (100,000 Guns) 3. Hnad Saen Kam (100,000 bushels of Ngai Camphor Anti Ghost & Demon Herb) 4. Fai Saen Dtao (100,000 Stoves), 5. Hork Saen Kan (100,000 Spears) ุ6. Pan Saen Moo (100,000 Batallions) 7. Na Mai Saen Giang (100,000 Crossbows) 8. Saen Khueang Daan (100,000 Swaggerers) 9. Maekh Bang Jantr Bang Wan (Clouds to Cover the Moon on Some Days).

Takrut Gao Khun Pol (Gao Glum) is empowered with protection, invincibility and evasion Magic against Weaponry, Blades, Fire, Poison, Ghosts and Demons, wild animals and all forms of physical harm.

The Takrut Gao Khun Pol is a Historically and Culturally Important Amulet in this release from Pra Ajarn Gorp Chai, because it is a Takrut that adheres to the Meritorious reason of its making as a 'Serp San Dtamnan Yant Lanna' amulet.

The words 'Serp San Dtamnan Yant Lanna', mean that this is an ancient amulet that is in danger of being lost to the modern era, and through its making and renewed explanation of its meanings, is not only a Magical Amulet of Ancient Times and Great Power, but that its making in the present Era, is an act of preservation of Ancient Thai Lanna Occultism.

Pra Ajarn Gorp Chai Wat Mae Ya

This is because the Takrut Gao Khun Pol, is hardly seen these days, and very few Masters of the present day possess the Wicha, or even know of its existence. Pra Ajarn Gorp Chai has thus not only brought is an authentic Ancient Sorcery Spell of the Warlords of Ancient Times, but has preserved the Wicha for many future Generations, by reviving true knowledge of its existence, uses and meanings, and methods of making, for the preservation of this truly inimitable spell of the Lanna Magical Arts.

Above, the Ancient Lanna Yantra Spell used for this Takrut, from one of the Grimoires of Pra Ajarn Gorp Chai at Wat Mae Ya Temple

We pray that Pra Ajarn Gorp Chai continues to present us with these highly limited editions of sacred Northern Lanna Wicha Amulets, which he inscribes and empowers and constructs all by himself without any machinery or mass made methods of production, as in olden days, as the Lanna Masters would make the amulets with their own hand, and not with the assistance of factory made components or modern machinery.

Nor did the Ancient Masters have to accept to bless amulets which were mass made, and donated for blessing, rather, used their own precious time and efforts and Meditations to create and empower each amulet one after the other, passing through the hands and incantations of the Master one by one. These days, it is truly difficult to find a Master who still uses this old-school method of personal applied Wicha and without assistance from third parties.

We can but recommend the amulets of Pra Ajarn Gorp Chai most highly for this reason. Pra Ajarn Gorp Chai is a lineage master of Wat Mae Ya, following in the tradition of his Kroo Ba Ajarn, Luang Phu Thin (Current Abbot) and the Great Luang Phu Kroo Ba Ban.

Wat Mae Ya is the temple of the Late and Great Arya Sangha (said by his devotees to have attained. Pra Ajarn Gorp Chai is continuing the Wicha and Traditional Amulet making of the Great Kroo Ba Ajarn; Luang Phu Kroo Ba Ban, the ex Abbot of Wat Mae Ya temple.

He is proficient in the Wicha of Lanna Amulet making and in addition, a Master of Kata Akom and Agkhara Lanna Magical Script, and Sak Yant Thai Temple Tattoos.

Pra Ajarn Gorp Chai refuses to allow himself to be tempted to invent any modernisations, and maintains the integrity of the Northern methods of Lanna Sorcery. Below you can see him empowering some of his recently hand made amulets which he made specifically on request for Ajarn Spencer Littlewood (Proprietor of Thailand Amulets), for distribution to you our friends and customers.

Ajarn Spencer Littlewood finds that the amulets of Pra Ajarn Gorp Chai are amongst the most highly recommendable and authentically empowered with the inimitable personal touch of the master, which is becoming ever harder to find in modern times. it is our duty to discover and present you with the best amulets with authentic Wicha, and this is the reason why Pra Ajarn Gorp Chai has become one of our top recommended masters

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