Takrut Hanuman Thaway Sue Sadtya - Loyal Servant of Rama bracelet - Wai Kroo Luang Por Phern Wat Bang Pra 2557 BE Extra Blessing by Luang Pi Pant

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Hanuman Jab Hlak (Hanuman holding tightly to a sacred pillar) in Takrut Hlord form (tubular form for threading cord through to wear as belt or bracelet). Cast in a Leaden/Bronze Alchemical alloy, and coated in Sam kasat plating (3k - bronze silver and gold color).

Released in Wai Kroo Master Day Ceremony at the Tattoo Festival of Wat bang Prai in 2557 BE, as an auspicious blessing for success and protection for the Looksit of Luang Por Phern, Sak Yant and Wat Bang Pra.

These particular bracelets were not only blessed at Wat Bang Pra, but were then passed on to Pra Ajarn Luang Pi Pant, direct Apprentice Sorcero to Luang Por Phern himself, for further empowerments and to hand out to his devotees at his Samnak Sak Yant in Wat Koo Poon temple in Singhburi.

They were passed on to Ajarn Spencer by Luang Pi Pant, in order to help him raise funds to pay for the building of the Luang Por Phern sitting on a tiger life size statue at Wat Ko Poon, planned to be completed in 2558 BE. These amulets have thus recieved not only the Grand Master Day Ceremony empowerment, but also further individual empowerments throughought 2557, from Luang Pi Pant at Wat Ko Poon.

Hanuman bracelet with Takrut

The image of Hanuman is holding the tube which the bracelet cords pass through, the tube being a kind of Takrut spell in tube form instead of a scroll, with Agkhara Spells embossed on the surface of the tube, and the Thai words 'Wat Bang Pra'.

Hanuman is also in prostration to Prince Rama, offering his Loyalty and Services. This represents the Invocation to call Hanuman to serve the wearer, with true loyalty and unbreakable steadfastness. Hanuman is the symbol of Loyalty, for his unwavering dedication and selfless service to Prince Rama as told in the Ramayana.

Hanuman wristband Luang Por Phern Tidtakuno Wat Bang Pra

He is charming, super strong, invincible, cannot die, wily and clever, and is the commander of all the Vanora Devas as their General.

Hanuman can not only protect from dangers, black magic and ill fate, he can also bring winners luck to gambling tables, is an able seducer of maidens and nymphs, and is more or less a winner in every walk of life.

His strength is immense and second to no God, for which reason he is the mascot and revered Deithy of Muay Thai Warriors, who call upon the power of Hanuman to defeat their contestants and opponents in battle in the ring.

The bracelet is wearable for both men or ladies, being medium in size.

Wat Bang Pra is world famous for its yearly Wai Kroo Master Day ceremony to revere the Grand Master of Sak Yant 'Pra Udom Pracha Naat Luang Por Phern Tidtakunoe', and to bless the tens of thousands of Looksit who attend the ceremony.

Wat Bang Pra Luang Por Phern Tidtakuno Wai Kroo Ceremony

Every year the crowds enter spiritual trances as the Monks perform incantations, which is a mysterious and miraculous phenomenon for which the temple is famous for, and the power of the magic of Luang Por Phern is seen to be present in the ceremony.

Kho9ng Khuean spirit possession trance Wat Bang Pra Wai Kroo

Kata Hanuman

There are a multitude of different specialized Kata for chanting to the Hanuman Deity in Thai Buddha Magic. Each Kata can be used for your different needs or time available.

Kata Sak Yant Hanuman

Na Ma Pa Ta Hanumaana Waa To No A Ma Ma Wa

Kata Hua Jai Hanuman (heart Mantra)

Ha Nu Maa Na (3 times)

Longer Alternative

Sappo Bulo Su Sang A Wisang A A Gusalaa Tammaa Abpayaa Kadtaa Tammaa A Sang Wi Su Lo Bu Sa Pu Pa Pu Pa Su Bu Lo Bu Na Ma Pa Ta Hanumaana Wa To No A Ma Ma Waa Na Mo Put Taa Ya Ja Pa Ga Sa Na Ma A U

Kata Pluk Hanuman

Na Mang Pae Ling Mo Mang Bpaag Grabork Ya Mi Hai Ork Udtang To Ud Tang Ad Asang Wisulo Busapupa Ma A U Om Ya Puttaa Tayo Sadtrii Nisangho

Kata Sri Hanuman (Brahman)

Maruta Nandana Namo Namaha
Kashta Bhanjana Namo Namaha
Asura Nikandana Namo Namaha
Shri Rama Dhuutang Namo Namaha

The Takrut Hanuman along with some other Bullet Takrut bracelets were blessed by Luang Pi Pant of Wat Ko Poon before distribution, making these particular bracelet Takrut a different series to the main batch which remained at Wat Bang Pra after the Wai Kroo ceremony. These Takrut Hanuman are recommended for Looksit of both Wat Bang Pra as well as those who revere Pra Ajarn Pant as a Kroo Ba Ajarn.

Luang Pi Pant

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