Takrut Hnang Wua Ler Tang Jet (Dork Kroo Yai) - Protective + Lucky Alpha Bull Hide spell - Ajarn Apichai Decha

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Takrut Nang Wua Leu Tang 7 Ajarn Apichai Decha -  Takrut spell with Bull hide, and Magic Cord Binding Spell with gold leaf and Sacred Agkhara spell inscription, large size. This Takrut is the 'Dork Kroo Yai' large size Masterpiece version of which only a couple of dozen or so were made. Gold leaf blessing and hand inscription of agkhara on the white cord binding, over skin with Yantra spell inscription within it.

From the miraculous dark arts Wicha of Ajarn Apichai Decha comes this magical Takrut of southern lineage Khmer sorcery. This ‘Puttakun Jakrawal’ edition of the Takrut Wua Leu Tang 7 is comprised of a rolled leather of the ‘Wua’ bull invokes the strength and protection of the Alpha Bull's defense.

Takrut bull hide

After sacred Khom Agkhara inscriptions are inscribed onto the leather surface, the skin is rolled and wrapped with a blessed magical cord, sealing in the powerful spell. To further empower and bind the takrut, a “Na Arahang” yant of calling to riches is hand drawn onto the cord by the master himself, after which a single pure gold leaf is imprinted onto the surface as a holy conductive charge.

‘Klaew Klaad’ evasion and ‘Kong Grapan’ protection and invincibility are the primary magical powers of this animist takrut. Utilizing the ‘Kunnasai Mon Dam Aatan’ mysterious dark arts for which Ajarn Apichai has become famous for, he instills into this piece the bestowing powers of ‘Poot Pii Bpisat’ Jinn spirit.

From which is granted ‘Chok Lap’ luck and fortunes, ‘Metta Mahaniyom’ compassion and great admiration, as well as ‘Maha Sanaeh’ seduction and charm to gain new and lost lovers alike . This Takrut is an excellent charm for those who take chances in business negotiations and/or gambling due to its properties of ‘Siang Chok Siang Duang’ risk and fate controlling ability.

Takrut Hnang Wua Ler Tang Jet Ajarn Apichai Decha

Ajarn Apichai, although now becoming extremely popular, and having to produce more amulets than ever before, remains Humble and true to his frugal way of Life, and likes to use the Motto; "If i don't have any powers, no benefits will arise from the amulets, but if i do, then you will notice a difference yourself - the knowledge and proof of Magic comes as 'Bajjatang' (self intuited, self initiated, and known only be oneself from within, not by faith in the words of others)"

Takrut Hnang Wua

By this, he means of course, that you should not simply believe, but should notice for yourself if you get any improved results from using his amulets. In truth, one should notice definite results with amulets, if not, either they have no power, or, you are not performing properly with the amulet. Or even both reasons, as even a fake amulet can cause a Miracle if the Faith of the Devotee is strong enough in the image, but improper Bucha or attitude towards amulets is always a cause of no power, be the amulet a real, or a fake.

Buddha Images for example, are not always blessed, as in some countries the Buddhists do not perform Ritual Magic to Empower Images, simply, worship them for their symbolic traits, and attain miraculous experiences despite the fact of the Image not being empowered. The word 'Fake' is this not used to refer to 'Non-Blessed' Items, rather, to refer to Images that are deliberately made to imitate rare and expensive famous editions of Masterpiece Amulets. No Buddha Image can be fake, but can be a reproduction image, which is still because of the Nature of the Image, sacred.


Ajarn Apichai lays down the rule though, that if you do not believe in the Lineage of the Kroo Ba Ajarn of Phu Rasi Paetcharat, at least you should never disdain or speak badly of the Lineage, for this would bring great misfortune. He also gives this teaching to all those who Bucha his amulets;

"If there are no Maras, our Merits cannot become Manifest, for our Merits to be revealed, we need the Maras to come and test us (our patience, tolerance, metta..). Real magic, which was made properly must be noticeably real from the results, which arise, and will be seen by the Seeker, for His or Her self. Truth is a personal experience, which can only be known through your own mind and experience.

Bull hide Takrut by Ajarn Apichai Decha

This will be the method of measurement of the power of my amulets, and the outcome of your resistance to temptations of the Maras, will be part of the cause of that power, which comes not only from the past and the Lineage of the Kroo ba Ajarn, but also continues into the present through the stream flow of Lineage magic, which is transmitted, empowered to and emanated through you, the devotee. How well you practice, will affect how well your amulets are able to provide Miraculous Assistance".


(Namo 3x first)

Ha Nay Ha Na Mo Pu Taa Ya (Chant Thrice/X3)

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