Takrut Kad Aew Sangwan Paetch (Diamond Mantle Takrut Belt with Bullet and Look Sakot spells) - Run Sombadt Maha Sethee (Treasures of the Millionaire editon) - Luang Por Saeng Khandtisaro - Wat Som Boy

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Sacred Buddhist Takrut in Traditional Style, made from Leaden Yantra fouil, with Powerful Yantra spell inscriptions in Khom Agkhara. Each end of the Takrut is sealed with a Bullet Takrut, and a Look Sakot spell each end. The whole series of Takrut Spells are then bound into one with a cord for strapping around the waist. Tje Takrut itself features a Very powerful and Ancient Thai Khom Yantra spell which was used by Warriors and Lords in Olden Times for Protection and Prosperity. The Look Sakot are Magical Beads with spells in them to contain and amplify the power of the Takrut and to prevent its energy from escaping, and Black Magic from entering.

Size; Takrut (Lead Scroll + Bullets) = 5 Inches Long, Look Sakot = 1 Cm x 0.5 Cm

It is hard to find hand bound Takrut of this quality these days, which uses the traditional ancient methods of construction and composition. This is a Purely Buddhist Takrut with Buddha magic, No Necromancy or Black magic is used in this Wicha, which is pure Buddhakhun. Magical Properties are; Klaew KLaad, Kong Grapan, Choke Lap, Maha Ud

Kata Bucha Takrut Sangwan Paetch

Garamata Girimiti Gurumutu Gaeraemaetae

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