Takrut Kat Aew Jarn Nork (Khom Agkhara lettering written on outside of Takrut) Sau Ha - Luang Por Phern Tidtakuno - Wat Bang Pra

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Still in original mint condition, except for some slight malachite formation on the Tagrud scrolls. A rare acquisition from Luang Por Phern himself, famous Guru gaeji Ajarn from Wat Bang Pra of Sak Yant tattoo legend.

Collectors Piece and a special acquisition for Buddhists who rever Luang Por Phern, as well as for all looksit of Wat Bang Pra and those with Sak yant Tattoos. This is a very rare opportunity to obtain such an item as this from the hand of the Master himself.

Made in 2536 BE

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