Takrut Ma Glom Nang (Ma Saep Nang) 'Dork Lek' Sorng Bo - 'Sang Hor Chan' edition 2555 BE - Horse Skin Wrapped Leaden Yantra with 2 Cord Spell Knots for Enchantment - Kroo Ba Lerd Wat Tung Man Dtai

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Small size 2 knots version of two versions made. Rarely Seen Amulet and a rare Wicha that only Kroo Ba Lerd Possesses. Made using Horse Skin which is first inscribed and blessed, and then wrapped around a Takrut Tone Leaden Yantra with Magic Spell for Love and Wealth attraction, then tied and bound with 2 Magic Spells, using Sinjana cords and four Knots to Seal the  Spell within the Takrut, and Complete the Wicha Takrut Hnang Ma Glom Nang Sorng Bo.

The Takrut is Pure Maha Sanaeh Metta Mahaniyom, with Pokasap Power.

Kroo Ba Lerd is not one of those Masters who bring out one to 4 editions of amulets a year, and in fact does not bring out regular editions like clockwork, rather only when seriously needed. This time, Kroo ba Lerd has seen the need for the building of a 'Hor Chan' (eating room) for the Monks, and has seen fit to allow the making and release of this extra special edition of Traditional Ancient method Amulets made using the Lanna Northern Wicha for which Kroo Ba Lerd is so well known for. Kroo ba Lerd is very Popular in other South east Asian Countries, especially in Malaysia and in Singapore.

The Takrut is Empowered for Speedy results, which is no wonder with Kroo Ba Lerd, as he is already known by Thai People for his ability to take a Yant even if it is a factory pressed one, and swipe his hand over the Yant, and it will become a Powerful Amulet already with just this action. What happens when Kroo ba Lerd makes the Inscriptions himself and spends time empowering with Incantations, Jhanic Meditative, and Psychic Kasina skills, is of course much more Powerful, and when we see a special amulet that is lovingly made such as this edition of Amulets is, we can comfortably assume that Kroo Ba Lerd has given them a long period of empowerment and that each amulet has the personal touch and personal blessing of the Master who made it.

The amulets were blessed on two occasions, once on the 6th May 2555 BE and then again on the 26th June 2555 BE in the Hor Drai (Tripitaka Room) of the Temple of Wat Tung Man Dtai

Some editions of amulets from some temples recieve Mass Empowerment but do not pass each single amulet through the hand of the Master, rather recieve a batch blessing, but these amulets as can be seen, are hand made and inscribed with personal blessings from Kroo Ba Lerd, and therefore of the Ancient Method of Empowerment (one by one, which is both Tiring and Results in a very Powerful Amulet).

Size; 3 Cm Long x 1.2 Cm Diameter

The Yantra Foil is thick lead and sturdy, and the Horse Skin is well wrapped with fine attention to neatness. Not only is the amulet Powerful and made by Ancient Methods, it is also very high quality and sturdy, which promises to last a Lifetime and (and more). Kroo Ba Lerd is the Looksit of Kroo Ba Nanta, who passed on some of the most Secret and Powerful Wicha to him. This time, Kroo Ba Lerd found it important to make the amulets as special as possible, with high power and fast effects. In the case of the Dork Kroo Large version, The Yant Ma Glom Nang Dtua Kroo was inscribed upon the Horse Skin (inner side), which being Horse Yantra upon Horse skin is said to be 'Ma Sorn Ma' (two concentrically entwined horses), which is very Powerful Maha Sanaeh Kama Sutra Metta Magic, which also Doubles and Doubles your Wealth repeatedly. The Takrut also contains the Yant Riak Saw (Kata that calls the Ladies, and indeed, if the wearer is a Lady, the men too) upon the Leaden Plating which was then rolled and inserted within the Horse Skin Takrut.

We can then imagine the Takrut as a Horse Yant on Horse Skin rolled around a Lady Yant, which results in an orgy of Double Ma Saep Nang (the Horse-Lady deity), or 'Ma Glom Nang'.

Then 'Daay Ruam Jai' (Sinjana Cords with enchantments for Mutual Love and Attraction) was tied around the Takrut with Two Enchantments contained within Two Magic Knot spells

This is the smaller standard version ('Dork Tammada'). With the large Ongk Kroo version, the same method is used, with the only difference being that it is larger, and that there are Four Knot Spells instead of the Two used for sealing the 'Dork Lek' version of the Takrut.

The Takrut should be used to call the Ma Glom Nang (Ma Saep Nang) Horse Deity to help you to call the Lover of your choice to you, but that when it does not succeed, for example in the case where the Social, Financial, or Professional Status of the person to be Enchanted is much Higher than Your own, then you should call the 'Tewada' (Angel) that is also a resident and Sentinel of the takrut, and is a Higher Deva and more Powerful. This deva should be called upon when the Takrut needs more power to make it work, but only when the first normal method fails, as one should not call the Higher of the two Devas too often, unless necessary. It would be disrespectful to call the High Deva all the time for anything and everything, - if you wish to use for everyday wishes, then the Ma Glom Nang Deva is more for this purpose.

Kroo Ba Lerd's 'Pha Yant Ma Glom Nang' is already famous for its strong effects, but these Takrut are said to be many times more powerful.. we shall see indeed as time passes how powerful they are.

Can be used by a Man or a Woman for Maha Sanaeh Purposes - the amulet is Unisex.

Kroo Ba Lerd is Famous for his 'Horn of Plenty' type Pokasap Magic of 'Noo Kin Nom Maew' - the Noo Kin Nom Maew Wicha (Mouse drinking from a Cat's teat), was also used for this edition to make some Sacred Powder amulets. Also released in this edition were Pra Kring Loi Ongk Statuettes, Horse Skin Takrut Love Charms, some Old School Traditional Yant Hneeb folded Takrut amulets, two models of Pra Rahu Eclipse God amulets in Metal Front with Sacred Powder rear faces and Takrut inserts, You can read about all the different amulets in this edition here;

Kroo Ba Lerd 'Sang Hor Chan' Edition 2555 BE - Wat Tung Man Dtai

Comes with Original Box from the temple. Can be encased if Desired.

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