Takrut Maha Grao Paetch Prom Pai - Brahman Diamond Armor Yantra Spell - Ajarn Apichai Decha

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Takrut Grao Paetch (diamond armor) silver sacred metal Yantra spell, with special Brahma Invocation, of a Diamond Armor Crystal Net Wall of Protection and Lucky Blessings. Bound with Daay Daeng Akom red magical cord. Filled with sacred powders.

This can be said to be not only a famous, but a very rare wicha to find, which is due to the fact that few Masters have recieved the transmission of the magical methods and the traditional empowerments bestowed upon them from their lineage Gurus.

Takrut with diamond armor yantra spell

takrut grao paetch

The takrut can be encased in transparent waterproof casing if desired at extra cost.

Ajarn Apichai, is one of the currrently popular masters for bis high powered muan sarn sacred powders and mastery of the ancient Khmer Necromantic Arts.

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