Takrut Maha Jakkapat Dtak Chueak Long Rak Mad Daay Daeng Akom - Kong Grapan Amulet, Red Satin Yant Bag - 9 Inches - Ajarn Plien - Wat Don Sala

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Takrut Maha Jakkapat - (Great Empire Takrut) Kong Grapan Chadtri amulet - Made from leaden Yantra Foil with heavy cord and lacquered coating, golden paint and 'Daay Daeng Akom' (red magical cord binding). Red cord is used traditionally since living memory in the Southern Khao Or Sorcery tradition, and is accepted and seen in all forms of Thai Buddha Magic and Khmer Sorcery of Ancient Origins. These Takrut are being sold and will be used to finance the creation of a life-size statue of the great Sak Yant Master, Luang Por Phern Tidtakuno of Wat Bang Pra. The is to be installed at Wat Ko Poon, in honor of Luang Por Phern.' Each person who purchases an item from the LP Phern Statue Fundraising category will have their name inscribed onto a sacred Yant foil which will be smelted into the actual Bucha image of Luang Por Phern, forever being a part of this meritorious event.

The Takrut is made from heavy leaden plate Yantra Foil (Takrut Tone), and is Inscribed and Empowered with the Traditional Wicha of Khao Or Sorcery by the great Living Legend and Lay Master, Ajarn Plien of Wat Don Sala (Pattalung). At 9 inches long, this leaden Takrut is a heavy edition, weighing in at 150 grams (1/4 kilo), and would be an excellent bucha item, only slightly thinner than the 9 inch by .05 inch version . The Takrut comes in a red satin bag with hand inscribed Yant adorning the exterior of each.

Empowered with the Wicha of Ancient Warrior Kings, used for Winning Watrs and Strategic Situations, and for protecting the Warriors of Olden Days from sharp blades and projectiles, and making them slippery-skinned, to the hands of their contestants in battle (Hnang Hniaw). The Takrut is also empowered for Serm Yot Serm Rasi, which increases your Social and Professional Status, and possesses Maha Amnaj for commanding power and dominion, status and influence. With promotion, comes wealth, therefore the Takrut should improve your life's trajectory and protect from deadly dangers.

(The Takrut comes in an individually hand inscribed red Yant bag that differs with each Takrut, but is equal in power and originality. The above and below pictures are two examples of the Sacred Yant used by Ajarn Plien.)

Ajarn Plien is responsible for many amulets and inscriptions made on amulets coming from both Wat Don Sala, the famous temple of Pra Ajarn Nam, but also of Wat Ban Suan of Luang Por Kong and Now presided over by the present abbot, Luang Por Prohm

Bucha Method

When you have received the Takrut, take it and place it vertically between the palms of your hands, and raise it to your forehead, and perform the following Incantations;

Bot Pra Kata Maha Jakkapat Bpathoma Raachan (Kata Takrut Maha Jakkapat)

Idtibpiso Pakawaa Puttaa Mahaa Raachan Bpathama Potiyaanang Bparamang Sukhang Hidtaaya Sukhaaya Tanakaarang Bunyaapisangkang Bpaaramidtaanu Paawaena Na Ma Pa Ta Na Mo Put Taa ya Ahang Wantaami Sappaso Ajang Wantaami Taadtuyo Putto Ja Tammo Ja Sangko Ja Saranang Pakawaadti

Namo Puttaaya Pra Put Dtrai Radtanayan Bpathama Manii Prodt Sisahassa Sutammaa Putto Tammo Sangko Ya Taa Put Mo Na Putta Buuchaa Tamma Buuchaa Sangka Buuchaa Akii Taanang Warang Kantang Siivalii Ja Mahaa Thaerang Ahang Wantaami Tuuradto Ahang Wantaami Taadtuyo Ahang Wantaami Sappaso Putta Tamma Sangka Bpuuchaemi

Then Chant the Kata Thon Kam Saab Chaeng

Imang Mijchaa Adtithaanang Bpajjutaraami

Tudtiyambi Imang Mijchaa Adtithaanang Bpajjutaraami

Dtadtiyambi Imang Mijchaa Adtithaanang Bpajjutaraami

The Kata Thon Kam Saab Chaeng is a Prayer for Curse Removal - to ask to take back all the bad things one has said thought or done unto others, from all our lifetimes up to the present moment. Every time we think innerly, speak or do any harmful thing unto others, it is considered an act of Cursing another being, and carries great misfortune and bad Karma with it - it is important to remove these bad luck bringers to open the paths for good luck and riches to be able to flow in.

The Kata Chants for Bucha to this amulet are available as an MP3 soundfile Tutorial for pronunciation, both above in the soundcloud player device, and after you have purchased the amulet. Simply log in to your account with us and go to the files tab to download MP3 sound Tutorials and text Phonetics for this Kata.

The statue is a Merit Making Gift for Luang Pi Pant, who is the True Living Direct Lineage Transmission Adept of Luang Por Phern, and who continues the Wicha Sak yant of Luang Por Phern (Wat Bang Pra) adhering to the conservation of his Formula of Sak yant composition and empowerment.

The project is financed by Ajarn Spencer Littlewood, and the Sak Yant Foundation Project. Supported and Sponsored by Buddha magic TV in exchange for DVD footage for the coming DVD productions 'Sak Yant the Movie' and 'Buddha Magic the Movie'.

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