Takrut Maha Lap Duang Gaew Mani Chote Pra Sivali for Lucky Fortunes and Treasures Luang Por Kane Free Casing

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A traditional Yantra foil hand inscribed spell with Khom Inscriptions in the style of olden days masters, The Takrut Maha Lap Duang Gaew Mani Chote Pra Sival, inscribed and empowered by thee great Hilltribe Master of Burmee Buddha Magic and Necromantic Sorcery, LP Kane, of Wat Koh Phu. Luang Por Kane has Empowered these Takrut with a Thousand Year Old Khmer Wicha of the Duang Gaew Mani Chote, which brings Great Blessings of Good Fortune and Prosperity. Free casing is Included with this Amulet.

The Takrut is made from a brass Yantra Foil with Hand Inscription, comes encased in tubular steel capped casing. It is forbidden to wear on a waist cord or belt, or in the trouser pockets. It must be either hung on a neck chain or in top pocket, or on the Altar at Home or Office. The Takrut should be placed in the Incense bowl (usually filled with sand or rice) where you light your incense sticks and pray. Insert the Takrut there when Praying and Making Bucha (can remove from tube). Take the Takrut with you when going out on Business.

The Takrut is empowered with the Wicha Pra Sivali, which brings Maha Lap (wealth) Blessings. The Buddha Himself is said to have declared Pra Sivali Thaera to possess the Quality of special Luck and Fortunes, which he attracted Naturally with his Aura of Metta. This is the Induction Agent to Induce the magical Effect of Wealth Attraction and the 'Great Preference' spell (Maha Niyom) to take effect.

Size; Circa 6.3 Cm Long

Bucha by inserting the Takrut in the Incense Bowl and lighting Incense. Say Prayers and think of the Lord Buddha and the Enlightened Beings. Then chant 'Na Chaa Lee Dti'

Na Chaa Lee Dti is the Heart Mantra of Pra Sivali

Chant it 3, 5, 7, 9, 108, or as many times as You wish.

Bucha Pra Sivali is the Method to Invoke the Power of this Takrut.

How to Chant Kata Pra Sivali (Pra Chimplee)

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