Takrut Mangorn Paya Nakarach - Solid Silver Dragon Frame with Copper Takrut Foil - Luang Por Prohm

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The Takrut Mangorn Paya Nakarach is imbued with maha amnaj, maha pokasap and metta mahaniyom power. In addition, kong grapan chadtri for invincibility, and klaew klaad evasion for safety throughout one's undertakings and journeys. The takrut is made and empowered by the abbot of Wat Ban Suan, Luang Por Prohm.

The takrut is composed of a copper yantra foil with protective and lucky spells of the Yant Nak Giaw, which is both full of wealthy maha pokasap magic and also closes in on all accumulated wealth and treasures and does not permit them to diminish or be stolen. The Nak Giaw Yant is inscribed upon the foils, which are then rolled up into magical scrolls, and empowered using incantations of the four elements to turn within the scrolls, thereby bringing them to life with magic by blowing of prana energy into the amulets.

Takrut Mangorn Paya Nakarach - Solid Silver Dragon Frame with Copper Takrut Foil

This model features a solid silver outer frame, which conceals a copper scroll with a sacred yantra spell within it.

Takrut Mangorn Paya Nakarach in Solid Silver Dragon Frame with Copper Takrut Foil by Luang Por Prohm

Recommended Uses: Gambling, social, defense, status, promotion, protection.

These amulets were made in various different sacred metals: gold (only made to pre-order), silver (only 100 made), ancient temple brass (500 made), loha rom dam (500 made), and 3K ('Sam Kasat' - only 100 made).

Close up of Luang Por Prohm's Takrut Mangorn Paya Nakarach in Solid Silver
The takrut are blessed at the temple of Wat Ban Suan in Pattalung. A complete Putta Pisek ceremony was performed to consecrate these and a large range of other amulets which were also released along with this addition, including dragon claws and dragon medallion amulets, mitmor ritual knives, and a number of pieces of lek lai. Some of the lek lai had been found in a sacred caves on the northwestern borders of Thailand, which had then been brought to the Khao Or masters for their adept empowerment within the holy cave of Khao Or.

Sacred Na embossed on the base of the Takrut Mangorn Paya Nakarach

The base of the takrut has a sacred 'Na' embossed on the solid silver frame.

Luang Por Prohm is the apprentice and inheriting adept of the wicha of Luang Por Kong from Wat Ban Suan. Luang Por Kong was the predecessor of Luang Por Prohm, who is the current abbot and holder of the wicha Khao Or of Wat Ban Suan.

LP Prohm empowers amulets with the Khao Or Masters

This takrut is usable by anybody, but we recommend the takrut especially for those who are born in the year of the dragon, or the year of the snake.

Takrut Mangorn Paya Nakarach with original temple boxThe takrut comes with the original box from the temple. But it can, of course, also be encased, if desired.

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