Takrut Narai Plaeng Roop Transformation of Vishnu Amulet 'Ruam Baramee Puttakun' 2555 BE Luang Phu Ap + Luang Phu Yaem double Blessing

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The always eagerly awaited Wicha are always those that are less often issued for some reason, both the Takrut Narai Plaeng Roop and the Takrut Jakkapat are two of the most sought after Wicha in Takrut amulet making, and also almost certainly the two rarest Wicha to find an Adept Master whose powers are capable, and who possesses the Wicha to successfully empower them. The Takrut Narai Plaeng Roop of 2552 is now a very rare item since the passing of Luang Por Yaem.

Luang Phu Ap of Wat Tong Sai, and Luang Phu Yaem of Wat Sam Ngam (Looksit of LP Dte Kong Ton), are two of Thailands Greatest Current day masters, LP yaem being the current Master of Kumarn Tong making at least as far as the General Public are concerned.

Takrut Narai Plaeng Roop

These special Takrut are made as Traditional takrut Tone using heavy leaden plating to inscribe Sacred Khom Agkhara Yantra Inscriptions, and roll the spell up, coating it with herbal resins and 'Chan Mak' (Areca Nut from the Lersi Hermit God) containing Sacred Muan Sarn.

LP yaem and LP Ap double blessing Takrut Narai

Released in a Very Special edition, and Blessed in Duet by Luang Por Ap of Wat Tong Sai, and the Great Luang Phu Yaem of Wat Sam Ngam (Nakorn Pathom). Two of the Present Days greatest Masters and True Wicha Holders of Adept Khmer Sorcery have joined hands to make a special edition of amulets to assist in the continued costs of the building of the Sala Badibat Tam (Dhamma practice Salon) at Wat Chong Gling Chong Grod, in Kanjanaburi. The Famous Wicha of Takrut Narai Plaeng Roop was made known by the Late Great Luang Phu Nong of Wat Sai Khaw.

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Thai Buddhist Amulets - Takrut Narai Plaeng Roop

Luang Phu Ap was kind to accept the request of Wat Khao Chong Gling Chong Glod in Kanjanaburi to help raise funds for building Monks Huts for living at the temple, and a 'Slaa Badibat Tam' (Dhamma practice hall). Luang Phu Ap already released one edition of amulets for this purpose on 20th April 2553 BE along with his Nephew, the Abbot of Wat Chong Gling Chong Glod. The funds were not enough and so Luang Phu, along with Luang Phu Yaem agreed to make and empower a set of these Takrut, some Hanuman Loi Ongk statuettes, some 'Idam Sen' Prai Deva, and Mae Nang Pim amulets. The purpose of the edition, was to raise the remaining funds for the completion of the building work at the temple in Kanjanaburi.

Thai Buddhist Amulets

Magical Properties; Metta Mahaniyom, Klaew Klaad, Choke Lap, Kong Grapan, Maha Amnaj, Anti Black Magic. Can be used by Male or Female Devotee/Practitioner.

Kata Bucha Takrut Narai Plaeng Roop

Iditbpiso Wi-Sae-Sae-I

I-Sae-Sae Put-Ta-Naa-Mae-I

I-Mae-Naa Putta-Dtang-So-I


Kata Bucha Pra Narai (Vishnu Deva)

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