Takrut Niaree Sariga Nang Yaem in Paya Prai Rak Koo Oil with yantra cloth 2552 BE - Luang Por Khern Thawaro (only 500 amulets made!)

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This Takrut is encased in waterproof casing and immersed in Nam Man Paya Prai Rak Koo Oil for potency of charm and attraction. Made by Luang Por Khern of Wat Klong Buri. Lp Khern is one of Thailands Top 5 Masters of Metta Mahaniyom Maha Sanaeh Magic.

LP Khern is a Master of the Khmer Wicha Sa-Or Yer Niang, famous for its strong Metta and Maha Saneh power.

Only 500 of these amulets were ever made

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