Takrut Nok Yung Tong - Golden Peacocks in Union - Ajarn Apichai Decha

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Takrut Nok Yung Tong Dtit Buang Rak Gan Jon Tao (Golden Peacocks in Union Loving Together Until Old Age) Ajarn Apichai Decha The Golden Peacock is known in Thai lore as an object of veneration emerging from the 'Jataka' (Thai: Chadok) as well as the book of Blessings and Protection 'Paritta' which essentially seek aid, blessings and give reverence to the Triple Gem.

The Mora Jataka and Mora Paritta is of particular importance to understanding from where these Takrut draw their powers wherein the Golden Peaock is well practiced in all forms but the sound of anothers cries rouses desire in its heart and it is ensnared.


The Golden Peacock Takruts primary uses consist of Maha Sanaeh charm and fascination, Metta Mahaniyom popularit and Mad Jidt Sagodjai binding of the heart and mind. The Golden Peacocks song utilizes Riak Jidt calling out to the heart for those who may have lost a lover and wish to regain theie favor by means of charm, fascination and finally binding the heart and mind forever and preventing that lover from any infidelity.


If your lover has become bored in your relationship, has been unfaithful or selfish and uninterested in love, Ajarn Apichai Decha instructs that should you wish to bind the heart of your target, one should take a picture of oneself, roll it and slip it into one of the two takrut and then take a picture of your love, roll it and slip it into the other takrut that is already bound with a sacred cord of Mad Jidt.

The takrut can be worn during the day, kept held in hand or in the pocket and at night it should be kept under ones pillow. The Kata to awaken and rouse the power within the paired takrut should be chanted every morning and evening before sleeping. The takrut should be held in the hands (palms together) in front of the chest, the person of your desires face should be imagined in the mind as the kata is intoned.


Kata Pluk Takrut:

Om La Luay Maha La Luay Jong Rak Goo Meuan Dang Chaang Rak Ngaa Meuan Bplaa Rak Nam Meuan Kaoo On Hai Meuan Fai On Mor (Their name and Surname) Jong Rak Goo Yaa La - Then make a request that they love you as an elephant loves (and is inseperable and known by) its ivory, as a fish loves (and can't live without) water, like rice to a jar and fire to a pot to be recognized, loved and paired in the same fashion.

Om Si Tha Thi Sa Waa Ha Sa Waa Hum Dtit Atitaan Kor Hai Kao Rak Rao Kon Dieow Atitaan Kor Hai Dtaam Kwaam Bprat Ta Naa (Request they love you alone and that your wishes may be granted)

Kata Hua Jai (Heart Mantra):

Sappa Jidt Dtang Bpi Ya Ma Ma

Golden Peacocks Takrut Ajarn Apichai Decha from Thailand Amulets on Vimeo.

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