Takrut Panya Mahosot - (Supreme Intelligence Takrut) Memory Improver Amulet for successful studies and efficiency - empowered during Lunar Eclipse - Luang Por Wichai 2554 BE

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Takrut Banya Mahosot Miniature Magic Scroll Yantra Spell - Wisdom,Memory improvement and sharpening of the wits is the purpose of this small Takrut made from leaden Yantra foil.

Blessed in a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, the amulets were Released in 2554 B,E at Wat Utumporn. The Takrut measures 3 Cm long, and has the code stamp 'L.P. Wichai' in Thai engraved on the surface. Recommended for examination studies to improve memory and fast wittedness, and for those who need to make fast decisions, or whose decisions will bear a lot of influence on the outcome of events.

All amulets released in this Edition were Blessed and Empowered on the 10th December 2554 BE on a Full Moon of the First Lunar Month of the Year and during a Full Lunar Eclipse. This is the first time a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse has occurred in the several Decades.

Luang Por Wichai began to perform empowerments at 20:35 in the Evening, and continued without pause until 01:00 the next Morning, which was precisely the time when the Full Moon reappeared in the sky when Pra Rahu has set the moon free from his clutches already.

Luang Por gave his Utmost Concentrative Empowerments as much as his abilities could muster for the whole 4 hours of Meditative Focus, which is considered a very long time to perform Solo Empowerments of this particular Meditative variety, and takes its toll on the practitioner.

Powerful amulets of History show that it has always been the temple which were smaller or needy of improvement and whose abbots had great Humility that produced surprisingly effective amulets. it seems to us, that the Great Humitlity, Simplicity and absence of Pride in the Master who empowers the amulet can sometimes cause a Magical Power to come into effect, and induce Miraculous Events.

Luang Por Wichai's Humble looking small Takrut has received full hearted efforts in its empowerment using Wicha to improve the Memory and Intelligence factors, for students and those who need to have fast memory access and quick witted responses in their profession, studies, or pastimes.

Kata Pluk Takrut Banya Mahosot

Bpaa Si U Sa

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