Takrut Perd Samong - Open Your Brain Up Intelligence Increase and Meditation Improvement Spell - Luang Por Phad - Wat Rai 2550 BE

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Luang Por Phad's Takrut Perd Samong was perhaps the edition which spurred a great number of other temples and Masters to begin using the Wicha. The Wicha has been found to help Students and People in Professions where Quick Thinking and a High Level of Intelligence is required on a constant basis.  If one diligently tries to study with this Takrut to help (those who try, for it is said that the Devas only help those who try to help themself by trying hard - this is part of the Merit Making which you share with the Ruling Devas of Your Amulets too, and should be thought of remembered and offered after prayer sessions as part of the merit Sharing process).

The small Takrut is of the Takrut Tone (leaden scroll) variety and has the usual letter P for 'Phad' authenticity stamp on it. Comes with Original Temple Box. Can of course be encased if desired. The edition was released way back in 2550 BE (2007), and was an immense success with students of that Year and has been used (by those who can still find one) by Students, Stock Brokers, Gamblers (card counters), and Quick Thinker Professions around the world since then. Some of you will of course already know this edition due to its fame and Success.

Luang Phu Phads amulets are not only powerful, but can be considered 'Puttasin' (Buddhist works of Art) for the artisans encharged with the Image Design Creation of his Metallic amulets are fine artists.

This Takrut is now one of the most highly sought after Takrut for Samadhi (Meditation) and is often used iin combination with Luang Por Phad's 'Somdej Ongk Pathom' Loi Ongk Buddha statuette which is also very popular with Meditators.

His First Edition Takrut Fon Saen Ha is also one of his Famed Editions for its Old School Make and Traditional feel, and Great power of Metta Mahaniyom, many of his Finely detaled Loi Ongk statuettes (Such as the Rare Somdej Ongk Pathom Buddha, or the Moo Pha Wild Boar amulet) have such a heavy duty feel to them and are very finely honed pieces of craftsmanship, also aesthetically beautiful to the eye. They are built to last and made from the finest quality. Luang Por is famous for his making of Garuda Amulets, and Brahma Amulets. His Pra Somdej Amulets also often feature the Garuda.

Luang Phu Phad took this Wicha from the then Abbot Luang Na La-Or, who had made these by taking the smaller pieces of lead foils left over from cutting larger Yantra, and using them to make the small Brain Opener takrut. This also meant, that the fils taken were from already completed and blessed Yantra Foils that were then cut neatly, and the remaining extra pieces were then reused to make new Yantra and another Empowerment on top of that.

Size of Takrut; 2.5 Centimeters - Comes with Original Box from the Temple - Can be Encased if Desired.

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