Takrut Pismorn Dtamrap Lanna Boran - 'Som Bote' Edition - Lanna Wicha for Wealth and Popularity - Luang Por Phad - Wat Rai 2552 BE

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The Takrut Pismorn is principally made for inducing Metta, and emanating Maha Sanaeh attraction power. The Takrut is a very ancietn type of 'Krueang Rang' (Occult Amulet), and is a popular Mercy Charm of the Northern Lanna Buddha Magic Tradition.

The Takrut Pitsamorn is one of the Northern Regions Oldest types of Amulet, and has been used for many Centuries. Luang Por Phad’s 2552 BE Edition is now very rare, and was one of his famous editions which brought many tales of success from the Devotees.

Thai Buddhist Amulets

The Takrut was released in 2552 BE, using ‘Takua Teen Uan’ the traditional Leaden Plate used for heavy duty olden times Takrut Yantra inscription. The Yant Metta, Yant Maha Saneh were inscribed, and then the Takrut was rolled up with Incantations.

Thai Buddhist Amulets

It was then wrapped with thick blessed magic cords, with a ring attachment for tying to a waist cord, or pendant chain built in, as was done in olden times, where Devotees would use a piece of string to tie the Takrut around their waist. The Takrut were then coated in a brazen golden coating using gold leaf and laquer.

Thai Buddhist Amulets

‘Takrut Pismorn’ is Northern slang for ‘Small Takrut’. Luang Por Phad himself though, prefers to call this amulet ‘Takrut Pismorn Pismay’. The Takrut is Maha Sanaeh and Metta Mahaniyom, for Seduction, Business and Mercy the lead for these Takrut was ‘Takua Teen Uan’ which is the lead from the bottom of the fisher net. The majority of Luang Por Phad’s devotees are Fishermen, and they donated this lead to him for the amulets.

The lead was still with pieces of fish and fishbones in it, which Ancients bvelieved to have Powerful Maha Saneh and Pokasap magic in it for Riches and Popularity.

Thai Buddhist Amulets

These Takrut do have one modernization though, the authenticity code is emblazoned on the surface using Laser beam, which makes forgeries by those dishonest people who can not afford a laser engraver impossible (see below).

Thai Buddhist Amulets

The Takrut is said to be like a bean seed, that grows money, and is very popular for commerce and gambling.

Kata Bucha Takrut Pismorn

Puttang Radt-Dtanang Tammang Radt-Dtanang Sangkang Radt-Dtanang

Na Phuug Mo-o Han Put Mad Taa Rad Ya Greung Na Ma A U

Aehi Chayya Aehi Sappae Chanaa Pahuu Chanaa Mahaa Jidt-Dtang Bpiyang Ma-Ma Put Ta Sang Mi Na Chaa Li Dti

Luang Por Phad is known for his Kindness and Generosity and his Diligent Practice. He is widely known to have Puttakun Powers that improve the life of those who Bucha his amulets, this is something that Thai Devotees of Luang Por Phad are very sure of.

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