Takrut Pitsamorn Kaa Khaay (Business Trading spell) - Liam Nam Man Sanaeh (in Charm Oil) - Ajarn Kom Traiwaes - Asrom Baramee Por Gae 2554 BE

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Double Spell Takrut using the Wicha Pitsamorn (Butterfly Charm), soaked in Nam Man Maha Sethee (Millionaire Charm Oil). The Takrut is Unisex and can be used by both Man or Woman to induce prosperous Business, Metta Mahaniyom and Maha Sanaeh Charm on those who approach. Empowered with the Montr Kaa Khaay Merchants success spell. This is a very apt Takrut to use if you are a shopkeeper, sales person or conference speaker. The Wicha in this Takrut has a far reaching effect which does not require people to come close before the magic works. The takrut calls customers and interested parties from both near and far. Don't be surprised if you get more international customer inquiries with this Takrut.

The Takrut is bound with 'Daay Daeng Akom' a red magical thread which is enchanted with its own spell before using to bind and empower other amulets with. Both takrut have hand inscribed Yantra spells from Ajarn Kom.

Kata Pitsamorn Maha Sanaeh

Om Pra Rasii See Dton Por Hai Guu Bplug Montr Lae Pitsamorn Bpen Metta Mahyaniyom Gae Bukkon Tua Bpai Tang Hying Tang Chaay Tang Glai Lae Tang Glai Guu Gor Ja Bplug lek Yant Pan Kata Bplug Tang Nuea An Yuu Ti Dtai Hnang Bplug Tang Tii Nang, Bplug Tang Tii Non Guu Ja Blug Pitsamorn Rorn Yuu Tii Ok Lae Tii Aew Guu Gor Ja Blug Luead Hlaew Lae Luead Khan Hai Luean Khuen Rew Rew Wan Wan Guu Gor Ja Bplug Ja Bplug Mer Lae Aaporn Tang Hlang Non Lae Hmon Fuug Tang Graduug Lae Luead Pra Put Gaesaa Pra Tam Pra Sudtr Pra Winay Aabpo Dtaecho Bpathawii Kongkaa Swaahome

Ajarn Kom Traiwaes is an extremely powerful Ruesi with strong wicha for making both Maha Sanaeh Metta amulets as well as Traditional method Ancient clay Buddhist amulets. His 'Pra Ngang' and Gumarn Tong amulets have gained International respect for their power and great beauty and originality. Ajarn Kom was the Apprentice to Luang Por Put of Wat Klang Bang Pra (who was in turn apprentice to the Great LP Chaem of Wat Tan Gong. He was also apprenticed to LP Wongs, who was in turn apprenticed to Por Tan Klai Wajasit of Nakorn Sri Tammarach. In addition he has learned from Looksit of the Lineage of Luang Phu Tep Udorn. Biography of Ajarn Kom Traiwaet - Asrom Baramee Por Gae (Supannburi).

Magical Properties; Metta Mahaniyom, Maha Sanaeh, Choke Lap

Price includes waterproof case.

Lay Masters - Ajarn Karawas

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