Takrut Pra Krut Pah - Garuda Vehicle for raising Professional Status - 10 Cm - 'Piti Sao Ha' Edition 2554 BE - Luang Por Phad - Wat Rai

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Takrut Pra Krut Pah is a heavy duty Olden Days style Takrut Tone with Cord wrapping and coated in Gold Herbal resin Lacquers. This is a truly Ancient Style Takrut with an original and Ancient Wicha, as used in Olden days by High Officials, Power-Mongers and Military Officers to increase their Amnaj and Baramee (Commanding Power, Status and Glorious Accomplishments).

The Takrut Krut Pah uses the Garuda Deity to Invoke Great Power and Command Respect from others. The Takrut is very similar in its function to that of the Takrut Maha Jakkapatirach, in both the sense that it is a heavy Olden Days style Leaden Takrut Tone Yantra of High Durability with Cord and lacquer protective sheath, as well as in the fact that both kinds of Takrut increase Amnaj and Baramee and have the effect of 'Serm Yod' (Raise Status), as well as being very Powerful protective amulets.

Size; 4 Inches Long

The Takrut has the Sacred Yant Pra Krut Pah Inscribed on thick leaden plating, which is the Yantra of Garuda as the Vehicle of Pra Narai (Vishnu).

Magical Powers; Maha Amnaj, Serm Baramee Serm Yod, Klaew Klaad, Kong Grapan.

Luang Por Phad is famous for his Wicha for making Garuda amulets, and this rare to encounter Garuda Takrut is set to become one of his Great Masterpieces, for us, on a Par with the Great Takrut Jakkapattirach and Takrut Maha Jakkapat, for Maha Amnaj, Serm Baramee, Serm Yod

Garuda is blessed with Invincibility and Immortality, no weapon in the Universe can Destroy him. Even the Lightning Bolts of Indra. Garuda has very quick Intelligence and Wisdom, but is not arrogant and respects others. He is an Honorable Deva, worthy of admiration. Garuda is most well known for affecting the development and advancement of success and professional status and increase income and wealth. Civil Servants, Police, Military or other Officals should carry and worship Garuda, as well as those who protect their nation or its Leaders.

The Garuda will destroy any enemies and place things in their way to make it impossible for their attacks to approach. The Garuda is also able to induce promotion of Status and Power. Garuda is thus a 'Serm Yot' (increase Status) amulet. The Garuda is excellent protection against ghosts and wicked spirits. Garuda eats Sambhavesi (a kind of phantom) as food and nourishment. In the Vedic Legends, Garuda is said to have ojne day found hardly any food, and so went off trying to catch Naga serpents, but Pra Narai (Vishnu) was afraid there would be trouble, because the Nagas reside under the Rule of Anandha Nakarach, the Naga King, a very powerful God. So Vishnu gave Garuda the permission to eat any Sambhavesi that were bothering the Human race, as his food.

Luang Phu Phad performed solo empowerments over the Garuda Amulets over a long period of time before the final Puttapisek Blessing. The amulets were then given a final Blessing by Luang Por Phad in Puttapisek Ceremony on the Sao Ha Lunar Saturday of the 2554 'Piti Sao Ha' edition amulets

Luang Por Phad is known for his Kindness and Generosity and his Diligent Practice. He is widely known to have Puttakun Powers that improve the life of those who Bucha his amulets, this is something that Thai Devotees of Luang Por Phad are very sure of.

The Garuda is also empowered to hunt down and banish any obstacles or negative energies within, opening up channels for success and happiness. Anyone aiming to take advantage will be prevented from completing their task. He flies higher than any other, which gives a birds eye view over your Peers wiith Professional Strategies and Power Moves.

Kata Bucha Paya Krut (Garuda)

Empowerment of the Garuda Amulets; For the Empowerment of the Garuda Wicha, 8 different things were invoked;

  1. More Powerful than ones Peers
  2. Advance in one's Career (officials and officers)
  3. The gift of Luck and Fortune
  4. Immunity against Poison (Garuda has the Nagas in his grip, Nagas are the Lords of the poisonous creatures).
  5. Protection against Black Magic, Ghosts and Demons
  6. Protection against Bankruptcy or Loss of Status - Garuda flies higher than all the birds in the sky, and will fly down and help to lift you above any downfalls.
  7. Bad Luck can hardly befall you for even Pra Rahu the Lord of Misfortune, can not beat the Immortal Garuda.
  8. Kong Grapan Klaew Klaad - Invincibility and easy Evasion of Dangers.

Series Code number is stamped into the Takrut

People born in the year of the rat, buffalo, horse, goat or monkey should also Bucha Paya Krut (Garuda)

Always chant the Maha Namasakara 3 times first, before chanting Kata to Buddhist Amulets (Namo Dtassa Pakawadto Arahadto Sammaa Samputtassa)

Kata Bucha Takrut Pah - LP Phad

Om Wisanuya Taewadtaa Ittiyo Anchalii Yaayakunang Pitii Buuchidtawaa Aakajchaaya Aakajchaahi Bpaggaaaraa Bpaggaara Gaaraedti Samphasso Samphassa Gaaya Yaayang Taewa Manussaanang Anchalii Yaaya Namassigaa Yaaya Buuchidtawaa Iswaa Su

Kat Bucha Paya Krut (LP Phad)

คะรุปิจะ กิติมันตัง มะอะอุ โอมพญาครุฑ รุจ รุจแล้วรวย นะได้เงิน นะได้ทอง นะได้ทรัพย์ นะได้บุญบารมี นะมั่นคง นะล้างอาถรรพณ์ นะเจริญ นะรุ่งเรือง นะรุ่งโรจน์ นะเมตตา อธิฐามิ

Om Karubpija Gidtimandtang Ma A U Om Payaa Krut Ruj Ruj Laew Ruay Na Dai Ngern Na Dai Tong Na Dai Sap Na Dai Bun Baaramii Na Mandtang Na Laang Aathan Na Jaroen Na Rung Rueang Na Rung Rojn Na Maedtaa Adtithaami

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