Takrut Tone Kong Grapan Klaew Klaad - Protection Invincibility & Prosperity Spell 6 inches long - Wai Kroo 2556 BE - Ajarn San Kong Waet

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A heavy duty Olden Days style takrut Tone from Ang Tong Lay Master, Ajarn San Kong Waet. A most impressive talisman, in the flavor of the classic 'Takrut Maha Jakkapat'.

This is a large and heavy Takrut made from a thick gauge of Leaden Takrut Foil with a Large Yantra Spell encompassing a large array of Protective and Prosperous Blessings.

Wrapped in traditional way with magical cords and black lacquer coating for durability, this is an extremely difficult to encounter amulet due to the fact that Wai Kroo editions will usually see the more impressive items of the edition get snapped up by the Looksit (Devotees) directly at the master Day ceremony.

As usual though, we like to remain ahead with the news, and were able to obtain some for our you our esteemed friends and valued customers.

Size; 6 Inches in Length

This is a Classic Takrut using the ancient Wicha of the Olden Days Warriors of Siam, for Kong Grapan Chadtri (Invincibility) and Klaew Klaad (Evasion of Death bringing Dangers and Enemies), with additional Astrological Yantra spells for Prosperity.

Takrut Tone Kong Grapan Klaew Klaad

Released in the 2556 BE Wai Kroo Master Ceremony at the Samnak Ajarn San Kong Waet, which saw the largest attendance ever.

Thai Buddhist Amulets

Above; Ajarn San Kong Waet - Master Mage of Ang Tong District.

Ajarn San learned his Wicha from his Grandfather, who was a learned Adept in Saiyasart who had inherited Wicha from Luang Por Tuad himself. His teacher was a Sak yant Master too, which is one of the Wicha which Ajarn San has inherited from his Grandfather.

He also received Wicha from studies under Luang Phu Hnay of Wat Ban Jaeng in Ayuttaya, and Khmer Master Ajarn Bun, Luang Por Yib (Wat ban Klang). He was given the Wicha from Luang Phu Tammachote of Wat Kaay Ban Rajan Po Gai Dton and Wicha from the lineage of Phu Suea Mahesworn (a famous Outlaw of the second world war times that is now a famous and respected Guru Monk).

ajarn san kong waet takrut wai kroo

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