Takrut Yant Na Dtrai Hnang Glong Dtaek Sacred Yantra Spell on Skin of Temple Ritual Drum + Spellbound Cords - Pra Ajarn Gorp Chai - Wat Mae Ya

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Pra Ajarn Gorp Chai has created this very special edition release of Broken Temple Drumskin Yantra spells, using Khom Inscriptions and Magic Squares to invoke an extremely ancient and powerful Sorcery Spell, which is known to be equally powerful to the Famous Wicha Hnang Kway (Buffalo Skin Magic Spells).

The Takrut is not only 'Hnang Hniaw (slippery skin for Klaew Klaad evasion and Kong Grapan Chadtri protection), but is also highly imbued with great Maha Saneh power, to Charm and Attract the Desired people and targets.

The Takrut is made from leathery animal hide from a ฺbroken skin of a Glong Paen Temple Drum. The pieces of hide used for the Takrut use this skin of the Sacred Ritual Temple drum, known for its sacredness and Maha Pokasap (riches attraction) effects. The amulet can be used by both Men or Women.

Hnang Glong Paen Ritual Temple Drum Skin is considered a very powerful element to use for amulets, and a magically powerful part of the ancient sorcery formulas. Hnang Glong Dtaek is also a Religious Artifact of Faith Instilling Power.

Below; Khom Sanskrit Yant Na Dtrai Sacred Yantra Inscription on the Hnang Glong Paen broken Drumskin.

Yant inscription on Broken Drumskin Takrut

Rear face of Sacred Yantra on Hnang Glong Plae Broken Temple Drumskin, with personal signature from Pra Ajarn Gorp Chai

Above; Rear face of Sacred Yantra on Hnang Glong Paen Broken Temple Drumskin, with personal signature from Pra Ajarn Gorp Chai

Below; the Hnang Glong Paen broken drumskin of the old Ritual Drum at the temple of Wat Mae Ya, used for the making of these Takrut Hang Glong Paen Dtaek amulets.

The Glong Paen, is a large Ritual Temple Drum, which us used to give the warning of the end of the time when monks are allowed to eat the pre-midday eating time (Chan Paen). A monk must batter the drum every day, sometimes for decades on end, to call the monks to finish their refectory.

This Sacred Ritual is repeated daily, for years on end, until the skin of the Glong Paen Drum finally breaks and becomes too dented. This is when a new drum skin replaces the old one, and the old skin is used to make 'Krueang Rang' (Talismans and Amulets).

The Takrut contains an ancient Yantra Spell of the ancient Dtamra in the possession of Pra Ajarn Gorp Chai at Wat Mae Ya. Pra Ajarn Gorp Chai has produced a large variety of different Takrut Yantra Spells derived from the annals of the Sacred Grimoires of Lanna Sorcery which he has amassed at the temple Museum.

He is preserving the various Wicha by making amulets using the formulas contained within these Grimoires.

The many different kinds of Takrut and other amulets he is making, are very rare and many have been lost to common public knowledge in modern times, for which Pra Ajarn Gorp Chai is meritoriously reviving their existence through creating these, and his other limited series amulets.

He also preserves their importance by not overproducing each type of amulet, preferring to make many varieties, but only very small limited numbers of each variety. He does not produce for major distributors, and only makes them for his devotees.

We are hence lucky to be devotees of Pra Ajarn Gorp Chai, who has allowed us to donate to support his causes and those of the temple, and to receive some of each edition from him, to present to you.

The Wicha Takrut Hnang Glong Paen Dtaek is hardly seen these days, and very few Masters of the present day possess the Wicha, or even know of its existence. Pra Ajarn Gorp Chai has thus not only brought is an authentic Ancient Sorcery Spell of Ancient Times, but has preserved the Wicha for many future Generations, by reviving true knowledge of its existence, uses and meanings, and methods of making, for the preservation of this truly inimitable spell of the Lanna Magical Arts.

We pray that Pra Ajarn Gorp Chai continues to present us with these highly limited editions of indvidually hand made Amulets, which Pra Ajarn inscribes and empowers, and constructs all by himself without any machinery or mass made methods of production. He creates them using the same methods as used in olden days, as the Lanna Masters would make the amulets with their own hand. He does this without the assistance of mass made components, or modern machinery.

Ancient Masters of olden days used their own precious time and efforts and Meditations to create and empower each amulet one after the other, passing through the hands and incantations of the Master one by one.

These days, it is truly difficult to find a Master who still uses this old-school method of personal applied Wicha and without assistance from third parties. We can most highly recommend the amulets of Pra Ajarn Gorp Chai most highly for this reason, that each amulet is made solely by the hand of the monk, and individually empowered in the process.

Pra Ajarn Gorp Chai is a lineage master of Wat Mae Ya, following in the tradition of his Kroo Ba Ajarn, Luang Phu Thin (Current Abbot) and the Great Luang Phu Kroo Ba Ban. Wat Mae Ya is the temple of the Late and Great Arya Sangha (said by his devotees to have attained. Pra Ajarn Gorp Chai is continuing the Wicha and Traditional Amulet making of the Great Kroo Ba Ajarn; Luang Phu Kroo Ba Ban, the ex Abbot of Wat Mae Ya temple.

He is proficient in the Wicha of Lanna Amulet making and in addition, a Master of Kata Akom and Agkhara Lanna Magical Script, and Sak Yant Thai Temple Tattoos. Pra Ajarn Gorp Chai refuses to allow himself to be tempted to invent any modernisations, and maintains the integrity of the Northern methods of Lanna Sorcery.

The amulets of Pra Ajarn Gorp Chai are amongst the most highly recommendable and authentically empowered with the inimitable personal touch of the master, which is becoming ever harder to find in modern times. it is our duty to discover and present you with the best amulets with authentic Wicha, and this is the reason why Pra Ajarn Gorp Chai has become one of our top recommended masters.

Pra Ajarn Gorp Chai

Kata Bucha Takrut Yant Na Dtrai Hnang Glong Dtaek

Ma-A-U Na Mēdtā Mō Garunā Put Bprānī Tā Yin Dee Ya Aen Dū - U-A-Ma Tammō Mēnāthō Arahang Na Chā Li Dti I Ta Ka Ma Iswā Su Khidtō Hōmi Nittugkhō Hōmi Ēhi Jidt-Dtamg Bpiyang Ma-Ma

Below you can see Pra Ajarn Gorp Chai empowering some of his recently hand made amulets which he made specifically on request for Ajarn Spencer Littlewood (Proprietor of Thailand Amulets), for distribution to our friends and customers.

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