Takrut Yord Choo (King Playboy Takrut) - Run Bandan Pokasap 2554 BE - Luang Phu Ta Nakawanno - Wat Sri Sawanganaram (Ubon Ratchatani) - 659 Takruts made

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Takrut Yord Choo is yet another famous Khmer Wicha  for increasing the fascination factor in the eyes of those who approach (Maha Hlong), with powerful Maha Sanaeh Attraction Magic for pulling lovers, customers and admirers,money and treasures. Stuffed  to the brim with powerful Maha Sanaeh Powders, and sealed inside another leaden takrut spell. The Takrut is very small and portable, and can be used by both Men and Women.

The Takrut can be worn on a neck chain, shirt pocket, or on a key chain or waist cord.

Creation & Empowerment Method

Luang Phu took lead and Golden Yantra foils from the Takrut Ariya Taat edition takrut amulets, and took these already empowered foils and performed new inscriptions of Yantra and Khom Agkhara spells. He used many Kata Hua Jai Maha Sanaeh and Hua Jai Na Jang Ngang. Then he stuffed 'Pong Maha Sanaeh Yord Choo' powders into the Takrut, and performed further incantations, invoking the Wicha to imbibe the Takrut with its power.

The powders were empowered with Incantations and Jhanic charging for a period of ten years by Luang Phu. The Takrut Spell was then seales with 'See Pherng Taep Ramjuan' (enchanted wax with a ruling Deva). He then spent the whole three month 'Traimas' empowerment period of rainy season giving the finished Takrut further Incantations.

659 Takruts made in all in this limited edition.

Can be encased in transparent tubular casing if wished.

Bucha Method

Chant Na Mo Tassa to the Triple Gem before beginning the Kata for amulets

Kata Takrut Yord Choo

Na Kamputtigaa Yo Atthaawahae Saadtigaa Nachaa Dtigaa Yo Puttomae Jong Bang Gerd Gae Khaapa Jao Cheu (say your Name)

Chant 7 times, and make your wish. Best used for attracting Lovers, male or female.

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