Taw Maha Prohm Chinabanjara (Brahma Deva perched on Turtle and Naga) - Nuea Loha - Luang Por Wichai - Wat Utumporn

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Lord Prohm Chinabanjara was a Brahman who lived in the times of the Lord Buddha and was Ordained into Buddhism as a Student to Mokkhallana Buddha, he lives in his Vimana palace in the 13th level of the Celestial Brahma Realms, he Instills Fear in the Hearts of all Demons and Maras, for his great magical and Spiritual Powers. The Loi Ongk Statuette is made from a Sacred Alchemical blend of yantra Foils and Ancient Sacred Amulets and Artifacts, with Bronze as the main base metal.

The image of Lord Prohm Chinabanjara is standing with one foot on the back of a Turtle, and one foot resting upon the Naga Serpent Deva of the Bodhala Underworld. In his right hand is a 'Pra Kan' (sceptre)  that is a brahma Wand with a Crystal Light in Three Corlored rays which emit their Power from the head of the Sceptre.

Kata Bucha Paya Nak (Naga Deity)

Size; 1 Cm Wide x 3 Cm High

This Amulet is Very Suitable for Ladies or Children to wear, for its petite size, despite which, the amulet has great level of detail and subtlety.

The base is filled with sacred Powders and has a Code Stamp upon it. Empowered in Taewa Pisek by Luang Por Wichai accompanied by other Masters of the Tradition. Lord Maha Prohm Chinabanchara was invited to descend and Instill the amulets with his mental presence and Blessings. The Turtle Brings Long Life and Pokasap (Wealthy Treasures), and the Naga brings Maha Amnaj and Anti Black Magic to the recipe.

His left hand is performing a Mudra (hand gesture) bestowing Protections and Blessings. He is a great and Meritorious Practitioner of the Dhamma, and a High Deva of Great Power and Esteem. He therefore lends not only Kong Grapan, Klaew Klaad and 'Gae Aathan' (anti Black Magic) Protection, and Maha Lap Blessings of Prosperity but also Maha Amnaj Serm Yod (Power, Influence and raise Authority).

Kata for Metta and Maha Sanaeh (Love, Attraction and Preferential treatment)

It is important to keep the 5 Precepts for wearing this amulet and Bucha to Taw Maha Prohm Chinabanchara, who is a High brahma Being with High level of Purity. Vegetarians will do very well with this amulet too, if they share the Merits as is Taught in Buddhist Practice.

Kata Chants for Bucha to Lord Brahma and Brahma Deities

Comes with Original Box from the Temple - Can be Encased if Desired

Taw Maha Prohm Brahma Deva1

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