Taw Waes Suwan Dtua Jiw - Nuea Samrit (Sacred Artifact Metals) 'Jaroen Sukh' 2555 BE Edition - Luang Por Phad, Wat Ban Gruad Special Edition 2 Blessing ceremonies 2555 BE

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Taw Waes Suwan Asura Deva Loi Ongk Statuette by Luang Phu Phad (Wat Ban Gruad), Empowered and blessed on 2 separate occasions. Lord Waes Suwan is an Asura Deva, he is the King of the Northern Jadtu Maha Rachiga Kingdom – Lord of Treasures and Wealth, Protector against Demons, Ghosts and Malefic entities. Taw Waes Suwan should be revered by businessmen and financiers, and anyone who wishes to increase his financial and material wealth. Also in times of hardship and poverty, one should revere Taw Waes Suwan, which will enable you to have enough money to pay your bills and the cost of living with without any difficulty. Taw Waes Suwan is Responsible for chasing away and warding off Yaksa, Maras, Ghosts and Demons, and protects from all enemies. If he guards over you, the Asura and other Monsters will not dare to bother you, for he is indeed their King, Lord and Master and his Kata can bind and control them (The Aadtanatiya Paritta). His crystal club punishes any who dare to risk coming near with thoughts of harm. Taw Waes Suwan is an Accomplished Meritorious Wealthy Lord, whose great successes and efforts resulted in his amazing wealth and power over his minions. This elevated him to a Deva in the Dawadeungsa Heaven.

Released as a special edition celebrating the 101st birthday of Luang Phu Phad, the 'Guardian Angel of Buriram'. These classic and excellently made amulets are cast in olden days fashion, Artistically very reminiscent of the famous Wat Sutat amulet of International Esteem. The Loi Ongk statuette is a Very Fitting amulet for Ladies and Children (recommended by us), or can be used by men for the smaller pendants, on a multi amulet chain, which should start larger sizes at the bottom center of chain, and get smaller as they get higher up on each side of the neck chain.

Tao Wesuwan

The Taw Waes Suwan Amulets were made in 4 different materials; 'Nuea Tong Kam' (solid gold), 'Nuea Ngern' (solid silver), 'Nuea Samrit Chup Tong' (sacred bronze with gold plated covering), and 'Nuea Samrit' (sacred bronze artifact alloy)

Thailand Amulets - Thai Buddhist Amulets

This edition was sponsored by the close Looksit of Luang Phu Phad, in reverence of his Goodness, and to celebrate his one hundred and first Birthday. The amulets received two Blessing ceremonies with Luang Phu Phad entering Jhana Meditation for more than an hour in solitary Kasina empowerment on both occasions, instilling the amulets with his utmost mental Force, and blessing with the Merits and Purity of the Sangha.

Thailand Amulets - Thai Buddhist Amulets

One of the notable factors of this edition of amulets is the 'Chanuan Muan Sarn' (Sacred Metals and Ingredients), which was collected from a large number of very Great Masters of High Repute, including Muan Sarn given from a number of some of the present Era's Greatest masters

Thailand Amulets - Thai Buddhist Amulets

Size; 2 Cm High x 1 Cm Wide

Luang Phu Juea (Wat Klang Bang Gaew), Luang Phu Skh (Wat Po Sai Tong), Luang Por Koon (Wat Ban Rai), Luang Por Prohm (Wat Chong Kae), Luang Phu Hmun (Wat ban Jan), All 3 masters of the Wat Klang Bang Gaew lineage (LP Bun, LP Perm, LP Juea), Luang Phu Hlueang (Wat Grading Tong), Pra Sangkarach (Wat Bovornives), Luang Por Ngern Wat Bang Klan amulets (2515), Luang Por Dte (Wat Sam Ngam), Luang Phu Dee (Wat Suwan), Luang Por Phern (Wat Bang Pra), Ajahn Cha (Wat Nong Pha Pong), Luang Phu Tim (Wat Pra Khaw), Luang Por Mee (Wat Mara Wichai), Luang Por Tuad Wat Chang Hai 2505 BE amulets, Luang Por Jong (Wat Na Tang Nork), Luang Por Sud Wat Ga Hlong, Luang Por Ta (Wat Paniang Dtaek), Luang Phu Lek (Wat Pradoo Riang), Luang Phu Jek (Wat Khao Daeng Dtawan Dtok), Por Tan Klai Wajasit (Wat Suan Khan), Luang Phu Sim (Wat Tham Pha Bplong), and many other Sacred Amulets, Yantra Foils, and metallic Sacred Artifacts from a large number of other Masters.

Thailand Amulets - Thai Buddhist Amulets

Amulet comes with original box from the Temple. Can be encased if desired.

What is more, several blocks of Sacred Metals, smelted from different editions of other Masters were donated by those Masters, who inscribed their spells and blessings with Khom Agkhara spells and sacred Yantra on them, and gave them to Luang Phu Phad for this special edition of sacred Memorial Amulets.

Thailand Amulets - Thai Buddhist Amulets

Some of the Masters who have donated included; Luang Por Perm (Wat Bom Gaew) Luang Por Poon (Wat Ban Paen), Luang Phu Iad (Wat Pai Lom), Luang Phu Ek (Wat Sala Loi), Luang Por Khaeg (Wat Suntara Pradit).

Taw Waes Suwan amulet - Luang Phu Phad

Each amulet has a limited edition numbered series code stamp for authenticity

Thailand Amulets Luang Por Phad Jaroen Suck edition amulets 2555 BE

Thailand Amulets - Thai Buddhist Amulets

The edition included Lockets, Monk Coins, Taw Waes Suwan Loi Ongk Statuettes, and some 'Dtao Ruean Maha Pokasap' Lucky Turtles.

The Empowerments were performed on the 17th August 2012 and again on the 21st September 2012 (2555 BE).

Thailand Amulets - Thai Buddhist Amulets

Thailand Amulets - Thai Buddhist Amulets

Bucha Method;

Light Nine Sticks of Incense, offer Flowers

The main Kata for chanting to Taw Waes Suwan should be chanted Nine Times. Always chant reverence to the Triple Gem before chanting to any other Deities.

Reverence to the Triple Gem
Namo Dtassa Pakawadto Arahadto Samma Samputtassa (3 times)

Dtrai Saranakom
Puttang Chiwidtang Yaawanippaanang Saranang Kajchaami
Tammang Chiwidtang Yaawanippaanang Saranang Kajchaami
Sangkangang Chiwidtang Yaawanippaanang Saranang Kajchaami (3 or 9 times)

Kata Taw Waes Suwan
Itipiso Pakawaa Yommarachano Taw Waesuwanno Ahang Sukadto Namoputtaya Taw Waesuwanno Jadtumahaaraachigaa Yagkhapandtaa Patpuridto Waessapusang Puttang Arahang Putto Taw Waes Suwanno Namoputtaya

Kata Hua Jai Taw Waes Suwan (Root Heart Mantra)

Wae Sa Pu Sa (pronounced ‘Way Sa Pu Sa’)

small Waes Suwan statuette - Luang Por Phad - Thai Buddhist Amulets

Aatanaatiyaparit – Kata Taw Waes Suwan

Wibpassisa Na Madt-thu Jagkhumandtassa Siree Madto

May i offer reverence and Bucha to Pra Wipassee Putta Jao who has divine eyes

Sikhissabpi Namadt-thu Sappaphudtaanugambpino

May i offer reverence and Bucha to Pra Sikhee Putta Jao who watches over and protects all beings of the three worlds

Waessa Phussa Namadt-thu Nahaadtagassa Dtabpassino

May i offer reverence and Bucha to Pra  Waessa Putta jao who has removed all defilement from his heart through his great merits and efforts

Na Madt-thu Gagusandtassa Maarasenabp-bpamattino

May i offer reverence and Bucha to Pra Gagusanta Putta Jao who has beaten and devastaded the Maras and the armies of Mara

Gonaakamanassa Namadt-thu Praahmanassa Wuseemadto

May i offer reverence and Bucha to Pra Gonaakomana Putta Jao, who has risen above all defilement, and who resides in the Brahmacaryas

Gassabpassa Namadt-thu Wibp-bpamudt-dtassa Sappati

May i offer reverence and Bucha to Pra Gassapa Putta Jao who has ascended above suffering and is a skilled Adept in all Dhammas

Ankeerasassa Namadt-thu Sakya Bpudtassa Siree Madto

May i offer reverence and Bucha to Pra Angkeerasa Putta Jao, the Splendrous Son of the Sakya tribe, who relvealed the Dhamma to the world which is the ultimate tool for the removal of all suffering

Yo Imang Tamma Mataesaesi Sappa Tugkhaabanudhanang

The Self Enlightened one uncovered and taught the Dhamma, which is the greatest tool for the removal of suffering

Yae Jaabi Nippudtaa Logae Yathaa Pudtang Wibpassisung

Who are the ones who have anihillated all defilement and see the truth of the world which lies behind all veils of illusion

Dtae Chanaa Abpisunaa Mahandtaa Weedtasaarataa

These Buddhas are without any malice and are great ones who are free from falterings and instabilities

Hidtang Taewamanussanang Yang Namassandti Kodtamang

The Angels and Humans may revere and Bucha these Buddhas who asre endowed with great Metta which they send to release the Devas and Humans in heaven and on the Earth from suffering.

Wichaa Jaranasambpannang Mahandtang Weedtasaaratang

They are full of Wisdom and Knowledge of the World, those Great ones who are free from instabilities

Wichaa Jaranasambpannang  Puttang Wantaama Kodtamandti

May i offer reverence and Bucha to Pra Putta Jao Kodtama Kodtara, who is Adept with Knowledge Wisdom and Grace.

The video below lets you hear the full version of Kata Taw Waes Suwan used in the famous ‘Suad Pan Yaks’ Ceremony to summon the Asura Kings, and beg their blessings.

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