Taw Waes Suwan Gae Pi Chong Edition 2555 BE - Nuea Nava Loha Ud Pong fang Takrut Ngern - 9 Sacred Metals, Powders & Silver Takrut Luang Por Foo - Free with orders over $500

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Taw Waes Suwan Gae Pi Chong 2555 BE Edition Loi Ongk Statuette Amulets by Luang Por Foo Adtipatto of Wat Bang Samak. Comes with Special Decorative Casing Included.

'Gae Pi Chong' means, to rectify the Karmic and Lucky Influences of the Yearly Horoscope for those who have 'Pi Chong'. Pi Chong is the Year when your starsign falls into Inauspicious Influences, and Bad Luck sets in, Obstacles arise, and Money becomes Scarce.

This Version is made from Nuea Nava Loha Ud Pong fang Takrut Ngern 1 Dork (9 Sacred Metals with Powders & 1 Silver Takrut in Base) .

Taw Waes Suwan amulets made in various Sacred and Precious Metals

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Released in a Series of Taw Waes Suwan amulets made in various Sacred and Precious Metals, Blessed and Empowered by the Great Luang Por Foo. Luang Por Foo is one of Thailands Top 5 Living Masters for the Empowerment of Taw Waes Suwan.

His Importance and Connection with this kind of Buddha Magic is so great, that he was begged to preside over last year's great Classic Edition of Taw Waes Suwan statues in the Tri Plab Pela (3 legged Taw Waes Suwan) Series. These statues are considered to be the next Greatly Admired edition by Future generations, comparible to the most Famous of all, the Wat Sutat Taw Waes Suwan Amulet of Jao Khun Sonti.

Taw Waes Suwan Amulet Gae Pi Chong Edition LP Foo Wat Bang Samak - Nava Loha version

The amulets come encased with Special Decorative Casing, ready for wear and Bucha.

Luang Por Foo has released various editions of Taw Waes Suwan amulets over the years, along with his other famous Wicha of the Ling Jab Hlak/Hanuman amulet. His amulets have received constant interest and documentation by the Collectors and Expert Amulet Community, and are now Published in their own Books as Documentations of his Trajectory and Amulet Editions.

This is always a sign that a Monk's Amulets are to become Eternal Collectible Classics of High Repute. This is because, apart from Miracles occurring, the one other thing that makes an Edition famous and Collectible (and sometimes expensive), is whether the amulet has easy to find information about the making and various models, and identification marks, or not.

Ceremony to invite the Devas to Attend and Bless Taw Waes Suwan Thai Buddhist Amulets by Luang Por Foo of Wat Bang Samak

Above; The Prequel Ritual to Invite the devas (Piti Anchern Taewada), performed by a Brahman with LP Foo In Attendance.

When an edition is easy to research and confirm, the edition becomes popular with serious Collectors

Luang Por Foo's Mastery of the Wicha Suun Phii Lai Phii, and his Adept Control of the Kata Pra Jao Sip Hok Pra Ongk (16 Buddhas Invocation), is Legendary. He is the most Prominent Disciple of the Great Luang Por Ding of Wat Bang Wua. He has Mastered the Methods of Empowerment and Invocation to Imbue Amulets with the Mental Powers and Qualities of the Asura Deva King Lord Waes Suwan.

Taw Waes Suwan Thai Buddhist Amulets by Luang Por Foo

Taw Waes Suwan is the Lord and Master of all Monsters (Asura and Yaksa), Demons and Ghosts. The Wealthy King is a Millionaire of Great Status, the Wealthies of all the 4 Asura Kings of the Jadtu Maha Rachiga Celestial Heaven. He commands and forbids the Demons to stay away from his Devotees, and those who are Devotees of the Lord Buddha. He is the Lord who brought the Yaksa Minions to hear the Dhamma sermons of Lord Buddha, and who converted the Yaksa (or at least most of them) into Devotees and Followers of the Buddha.

He also donated the Magical Incantation of the Aadtaanaadtiya Paritta to the Bhikkhus (monks) in the forest, to protect them from Demons and Maras. Incantation of the Kata forbids any Demons or Ghosts or Malevolent Presences from entering and bothering, and commands them to take their leave.

Thai Buddhist Amulets

Luang Por Foo performed the pouring of the Sacred Metals in the Official Casting Ceremony (Piti Tae Tong Nam Rerk), and Performed his Incantations and Special Blessings during the Ceremony, which consisted of 9 'Chor' trees of amulets, with 900+ amulets on them, for the special blessing of the 'Nam Rerk' Ongk Kroo Special Masterpiece versions. He then stuffed Muan Sarn Powders into them during the ceremony (the other models were done before the Ceremony). Luang Por then inserted a Solid Gold Takrut Spell into the Muan Sarn Powders within the Ongk Kroo Versions.

Casting Ceremony of Thai Buddhist Amulets

Pra Ajarn Hnong performed the inspection and counting of the amulets after their final insertion of Takrut. Not many amulets were possible to fill with powders, because the powders were a Special sacred Powder kept from the 2538 Ceremony (17 Years before the release of this edition). So there were less amulets in final release as originally intended.

Inspection of the Chor trees and Taw Waes Suwan Thai Buddhist Amulets

These amulets also enjoy the addition of Special Powders from the Great Luang Por Ding, and Very sacred Metal Alloys cast from a mass of Important Sacred amulets of past editions and Masters, real solid silver and solid gold Takrut, and a Highly Sacred Putta Pisek/Taewa Pisek Empowerment Ceremony. These varied elements provide this edition with a highly Respectable Status, Top Quality Design and Casting, and Powerful Buddha Magic within them.

Thai Buddhist Amulets

Putta Pisek/Taewa Pisek Blessing was held on the 14th October 2555 BE. Luang Por Foo performed the lighting of the Tian Chai Victory Candle, and the Pouring of the First Casting. In addition to the amulets, a 15 Inch high Bucha statue was also released in this edition.

Thai Buddhist Amulets

The amulets were made in the following Materials;

Nuea Samrit Ud Pong fang Takrut Ngern 1 Dork (Sacred Bronze with powders and 1 Solid Silver Takrut in base) - 3999 amulets made.

Nuea Tong Rakang Ud Pong fang Takrut Ngern 1 Dork (Sacred Temple Brass Alloy with powders and 1 Solid Silver Takrut in base) - 3999 amulets made.

Nuea Galai Ngern Ud Pong (Sacred Silver Alloy with Magical Powders in base) - 1999 amulets made.

Nuea Galai Tong Ud Pong (Gold Plated Sacred Bronze with Magical Powders in base) - 1999 amulets made.

Nuea Nava Loha Ud Pong Fang Takrut Ngern (9 Sacred Metals with Sacred Powders and 1 Silver Takrut in base) - 999 amulets made.

Nuea Tong Rakang Boran Nai Nam Rerk Masterpiece Version - Ud Pong fang Takrut Tong Kam 2 Dork (Sacred Ancient Temple Bell Brass Alloy with high Gold Content, from the Nam Rerk first casting Ceremony, with Sacred Powders and 2 Solid 24 Karat Gold Takrut in base) - 99 amulets made.

Luang Por said afterwards, that it has been many years since he has attained such a Powerful and accomplished Invocation and Insertion of the Heart Mantra and Mind of Taw Waes Suwan Asura Deva, into the amulets. He says it is the first time he has managed to make all the Powerful Lineage aspects of the Ritual Empowerments be performed to their fullest, be it the use of Muan Sarn Powders of His Lineage Masters, the Yantra within the Takrut, the Casting and Blessing Ceremony, and the necessary requirements for the making of the sacred Metals. All facets of the Wicha were performed according how the Ancient Wicha dictates.

Taw Waes Suwan amulet by LP Foo made in Nava Loha 9 Sacred Metals

This edition arose because of a good deed of Luang Phor Foo; One day some people brought a small boy who was behaving very insanely as if possessed by a Demon or Ghost, and presented him to Luang Por Foo. Luang Por then placed a Taw Waes Suwan amulet on a chain around the boy's neck. The family then went home, and it appears that the boy was instantly and completely healed. He could sit and talk normally as before. because of this, the Local devotees heard of the story, and flocked to the temple to beg Luang Por for a new edition.

Thai Buddhist Amulets

The edition was thus made from Public demand. Funds from this Edition go to the various Projects for the Preservation and Spreading of Buddhism, and to Maintain Buddhist temples in need of Restoration. Each different type of model in different metals has an official numbered code stamp and a recorded number of amulets made in official documentation, rendering this as yet another Reference Standard edition from Luang Por Foo, to add to his Documented Catalog of Amulets. The edition also celebrated Luang Por Foo's 90th Year of Life.

Kata Bucha Taw Waes Suwan

Idtipiso Pakawaa Yommaraachaano Taw Waes Suwanno

Maranang Sugkhang Ahang Sugadto Na Mo Puttaaya

Taw Waes Suwanno Jadtu Mahaa Raachigaa Yagkhapandtaa Pat Puradto

Waesa Pusa Puttang Arahang Putto Taw Waes Suwanno Na Mo Puttaaya

Short Kata

Wae Sa Pu Sa

Kata chants and Biography of Taw Waes Suwan (Chai Sing Hia, Guberan)

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