Taw Waes Suwann Loi Ongk Statuette Code Na 2550 BE Sethee Mee Sukh Edition Luang Por Key Wat Sri Lamyong

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Taw Waes Suwann miniature Loi Ongk Statuette, from South Eastern Isan Master of Khmer Sorcery, Luang Por Key, of Wat Sri Lamyong in Surin. Luang Por Key's amulets have enjoyed over two decades of popularity in both Thailand and Internationally, especially in Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China and Malaysia.

His amulets are both powerful as well as extremely well made and of high quality craftsmanship. Surin is the most famous province for its Master Magic makers and Khmer Saiyasart, and Surin Masters are feared as having the most powerful spells.

Taw Waes Suwann is lord of the Northern Quarter of Maha Rachiga realm, and is the Lord of Treasures and riches, He is an immensely rich and wealthy asura King, and is revered by those wishing to attain great wealth. He also protects the poor from going hungry and being completely destitute, always making sure that a poor devotee of him will always have at least enough to feed themself with. In addition, Taw Waes Suwann protects against ghosts, robbers and demons.

Heart Mantra - Om Niti Badta Ye We We Si Yaa Ma

Kata Taw Waes Suwan (Chai Sing Hia, Guberan)

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