Taw Wes Suwan Jao Khom Sap ('Ruling Lord over Treasured Possessions') - Luang Por Wichai - Wat Utumporn

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This Taw Wes Suwan loi ongk statuette is made and empowered by Luang Por Wichai of Wat Utumporn. The amulet represents the Taw Wes Suwan deity, who has the face of both a deva and that of a yaksa. Taw Wes Suwan is the lord of the asura demons, and a most powerful protector of the Buddha Dhamma indeed.

Luang Por Wichai made this traditional and authentic Buddhist amulet from nuea rakang boran, which consists of sacred ancient temple brass. After the amulets were made, Luang Por Wichai then consecrated the statuettes during the three months rain retreat in 2555 BE. And, as a final empowerment, he also performed hand inscriptions with sacred Agkhara Khom lettering on each individual Taw Wes Suwan Jao Khom Sap amulet.

The name Taw Wes Suwan Jao Khom Sap means 'the lord who rules over treasured possessions'. Hence, this Taw Wes Suwan Jao Khom Sap loi ongk statuette is very useful for improving one's business, and increasing one's sales. Yet due to the inherent characteristics of the Taw Wes Suwan deity, this amulet from Luang Por Wichai is also extremely good for protection against black magic and diseases. And because of its tiny size, the Taw Wes Suwan Jao Khom Sap of Luang Por Wichai is particularly suitable for women and children.

The two different sides of Taw Wes Suwan Jao Khom Sap's character each have their own meaning; the deva side symbolizes Taw Wes Suwan as a immensely prosperous lord of wealth, whereas the yaksa side stands for Taw Wes Suwan as the righteous ruler of the Maharajika Heaven, the celestial realm of the asura demons and yaksa ghosts. Hence, this Taw Wes Suwan Jao Khom Sap loi ongk statuette will help enhancing one's professional life as well as guarding and protecting one's social and physical well-being.

Kata Taw Wes Suwan Jao Khom Sap

Idtipiso Pakawaa Yommaraachaano Taw Wes Suwanno

Maranang Sugkhang Ahang Sugadto Na Mo Puttaaya

Taw Wes Suwanno Jadtu Mahaa Raachigaa Yagkhapandtaa Pat Puradto

Wesa Pusa Puttang Arahang Putto Taw Wes Suwanno Na Mo Puttaaya.

Kata chants and the story of Taw Wes Suwan ('Chai Sing Hia', 'Guberan')


The amulet comes with the original box from the temple; but if desired, it can, of course, also be encased.

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