Tewada Hai Lap (Angel of Lucky Numbers) - Men's Version Lottery Divination Coin 1st edition - Luang Phu Phad - Wat Ban Gruad 2555 BE

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Rian Taewada Hai Lap - Lottery and Lucky Numbers giving Angel for Divination of Winning Sequences of Numbers by Luang Phu Phad of Wat Ban Gruad (Buriram)

This is the first ever edition of this amulet , which uses Wicha for invoking Choke Lap (increase Lucky Fortune), and Pokasap (Treasures and Possessions). It is designed to attract a constant flow of money and possessions, as well as to be used as a divination instrument for discovering lucky numbers. He invoked the Angels who inhabit the amulets to help point out the way to prosperity and happiness, and help us to find the successful results we seek.

Some people work hard all their life, but never get rich, and Others work not for long but all of a sudden become rich very easily and quickly. Luang Phu Phad says that this is 'Bun Gao' (Merit accumulated in previous lifetimes). This is usually something that cannot be escaped (Karma) but, with the Rian Taewada Hai Laekh, the chances are highly increased for those whose Fortunes are not so lucky, to help turn the tables on Bad Luck and tip things in your Favor for once and for all.

Remember please, that Blessings always come from Merits, and so, in order to give enough Merit as fuel to the Taewada (Angel who is protecting you) to empower the Lucky Blessings you wish to recieve, you should make Merits once a Month by donating alms to Buddhist Monks, Temple or a worthy cause which you feel raprture and compassion for, and dedicate the goodness of your acts (merits) and any fruits whichg may come from them, to be shared with The Angel f the amulet, Buddha Dhamma Sangha, Parents and Teachgers, Enemies, Maras, Hell Beings, Hungry Ghosts,Humans, Animals, Devas.. and all of those whom we have harmed or hurt in this and previous lifetimes be it knowingly or knowingly, intentional or not

Size; 3 Cm High x 2.5 Cm wide - 3999 amulets made in this first ever edition

To share merits in this way by cultivating the pure intention and wish to truly share them, is to empower the amulet properly with the stream of energy flow of the Buddha and bring Great Blessings through the honest and purely intended practice of generosity and subsequent sharing of any eventual merits recieved. You don't have to donate more than you are able to, but what is important, is that what you donate or whatevber sacrifice you make, such as being generous to forgive someone, or being generous to put yourself second to another for once in a while.

Whatever sacrifice you make that is Meritorious, is a prime chollateral for offering to the Devas and all other beings in the realms of suffering. In Asia, people think Money is the only way of making Merit, but in Truth, a Self Sacrifice to do what someone else wishes to do instead of what you want to do, is a perfect example of Merit Making, and Self Transformation through the cleaning of the impure selfish aspects of the heart.

Use this method for sharing Merits with the Deva of the amulet (and all other Beings), and develop an honest and well meant intention when doing so, and your blessings and lucky fortunes will be more than noticeable in a very short time.

Luang Phu performed Solo Empowerments upon this edition, which included a range of Choo Chok, Khun Phaen Sagod Tap, Takrut, and these Lottery God coin amulets.

If you use the amulet with only greed in the heart and no metta for other beings, there will be no use on purchasing this amulet. You must practice Generosity and Metta with Honesty to see the results of its Immense Power quickly.

If you never Consciously and Intentionally made Merit before in this life, and intend to use this or any other kind of Choke Lap amulet that uses Celestial Devas to assist, you should begin immediately, because the amulet is like the spiritual interest (winnings) of your spiritual bank savings (merits made till now). If you are poor then give what you can afford even if not much, if you are rich thenm make an accordingly large donation enough that your heart feels the tear and ripping feeling within, and make that sacrifice. The offer the Merits to the Deva and to all other beings - mean it truly. If you can do this, the Great Fortunes will befall you like a rain of treasure.

Method of use as Divination Instrument

Men should use the Golden Faced amulet, Women should use the Silver Faced Amulet.

Perfomr the Ceremony of Divination at least 2 days before the day of the Lottery, get bathed and clean and wear clean (if possible, white) clothing, and clear your heart and mind of inauspicuous thoughts and intentions, focusing only on good things. Then before bedtime, lay out the following offerings;

Flowers, Incense, candles.

Chant the Chum Num Taewada (Invitation for the Devas to assemble and listen to the Dhamma)

Chant the Maha Namasakara (Namo Tassa) 3 times

Maha Namasakara - How to Chant Namo Tassa and the triple refuge

Chant the 'Kam Aaaratanaa Sin Haa' (5 Precepts)

Chant Buddhist Prayers of your own preference as much as you like.

The chant the following Kata 3 or 7 Times (or however many you like if more)

Chimpalee Ja Mahaa Thaero Ja Mahaa Thaerang Laap Laapang Nirandtaro Laapasukho Na Chaa Lee Dti Idti Arahang Putta Nimmidt Dtang Ubpannang Hoedti Laekha Yandtang Sandtang Aakajchaaya Aakajchaahi Ugaasa Ugaasa - Khaapa Jao Khor Aaraatanaa Pra Laeckh Dtua Samkan Pra Yandt Dtua Laekh Dtang Dtae Laekh Soon Therng Laekh 99, Jong Ma Khao Nai Jagkhu Thawaarn Sodta Thawaarn Kana Dtawaarn Chiwhaa Thawaarn Gaaya Thawaarn Mano Thawaarn Haeng Khaapa Jao Tern Aehi Aehi Laekha Yandtang Nimidt Dtang Arahang Arahang

The part written in red is in Pali, the part in orange is in Thai. The Thai part calls upon the sacred Numerology Yantra within the amulet to awaken our sight hearing taste and other mind senses to recieving Nimitta apparitions and easily notice the Lucky numbers that the Deva is revealing within the Yantra on the face of the amulet.

Then see which numbers appear to you, either on the face of the amulet, or in any strange circumstances the Deva may choose to show you numbers with.

Always make merits to reward any winnings you recieve from the Deva.

Luang Phu Phad has been kind enough to create and empower these amulets for the purpose of raising funds to help the temple of Wat Nong Fai Lek, in Kanjanaburi, to Build an Uposadha shrine room, and a Meru (Crematorium).

Comes with original box from the temple can be encased if desired.

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