Two Tone Gold + Chrome Plated Stainless Steel Neck Chain for 1 Amulet - Medium Gauge Cubic Chain Links + Closure Ring 23 Inches

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Easy to attach Pendant Neck Chain in gold and silver interspersed chains entwined with cubic chain links. Simply attach the amulet to the clasp which is used both to close and open the chain, and to attach the Amulet. You can use 2 pairs of electrical Pliers to open the clasp and attach an encased amulet from its pendant hoop.

Size; 23 Inches Long

A most elegant and useful accessory for wearing a single small amulet, that is also considered an attractive fashion accessory that looks smart and elegant, and enhances the beauty of your amulet, and your appearance.

Made from medium-small Gauge cubic Link Style Quality Stainless Steel with durable gold plating and chrome coating. Suitable for ladies, or men who prefer a slimmer chain for a lighter/smaller amulet. This length will rest somewhere on the center of the Upper chest of most persons of average height.

The colors match the human skin very well, both light and dark skins, for the gold and chromium which contrasts with each other, light and dark.

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